August 3, 2007

Ironing Sucks!

Now I know I am going to catch grief for that statement from my sister. She thinks ironing is the best thing in the world. When Harry Potter 7 came out, she would iron a shirt and then go read a chapter, iron a shirt, read a chapter. She said it gave her time to let it all soak in. I, on the other hand, read for about ten hours and then slept, read for ten hours and then slept. I let it all soak in at once. Today was an ironing day. I don't have a huge ironing pile, but enough to fill a laundry basket and I needed that basket empty. Hey, we all iron for our own reasons. I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire while I ironed. I don't know why my sister irons so much. She says it's relaxing. Must be a flaw in her DNA somewhere, that, thank goodness, I don't share!

Here's the latest cake creation by R. A coworker of Randy's ordered it for his daughter's birthday with chocolate and Sponge Bob being the only requests. I think it turned out great. R wasn't sure of the sprinkles, but I think they really add to it. Plus, don't all little girls like sprinkles?!?!?

The knitting continues on my 'lemonade monkey' sock. I had to iron, remember, so I didn't get much knitting finished today. I guess I have about one repeat left and then I can start on the toe. Then on to the other sock. R has been editing some of her own patterns lately, so as soon as the sock is finished, I'll act as her test knitter for a project or two. She's been busy knitting a store sample for Knit Picky. I think she's almost finished. It's taken a little longer than she thought it would, but I think the knitting camp wore her out and she missed valuable knitting time then.

I finally mailed out my Sockapalooza 4 package! YIPPEE! I'm so glad they are in the hands of the postal system and away from this house. I was beginning to think I'd never reach that point. I hope my pal likes them and that they fit. I guess we'll find out in a few days. She lives on the west coast, so it will take a while for them to get there. My pal said she'd be sending mine out to me on Monday. I'm so anxious to see them! I'll post lots of pictures as soon as they get here.


kelly said...

big baby...

Juli said...

You're cake pics KILL me! You know I'm trying to lose weight, right? The reading of your blog hinders that horribly ;)

Barbara Peeler said...

I always thought that "Sponge Bob" was an ugly little dude! Bec makes him look sort'a, kind'a cute in an off beat sort'a way...don't cha kind'a, sort'a think?!?!? I KNOW he was right tasty! The sprinkles added just the right touch too. Later on in life, she'll be expecting "Sparkles," instead!
You've been busy with all your projects going at one time-I know you were happy to finish up the socks. I hope she likes them...I would! I think they were pretty!
Love, from the Muth
P.S. Hi Juli! :-)