August 15, 2007

More late nights and still no meteors

I am so tired! We stayed up late the first night to see meteors. RL and I saw one. The second night RL decided one was enough for him and he was off to bed early. L and I went out and saw one while we waited for R to come out. She never did see one. The third night, after much persuasion on R's part, L and I joined her outside to wait and wait and wait. We finally saw something and couldn't determine if it was an acrobatic firefly or a meteor. We decided on the latter and called it a night. I'm still trying to catch up on sleep. Maybe tonight!
Meanwhile, knitting has been taking place. R made this bag following a Fiber Trends pattern. It looks huge in this picture. It only took her three days from start to finish! When she is motivated, that girl can knit! She has felted it, but she wanted to wait to get more pictures taken at the same place these were taken. So, tomorrow we should have those to show.

My lemonade kool-aid monkeys are finished. Here they are after they've been blocked. I haven't tried them on yet because I just can't bear to even try them on in this weather we've been having! This afternoon in town it was 103! Too warm for wool socks!

Here's Ginger getting some love from R - whether she wants it or not - more often it's 'not'! R is very determined and forces it on her. You can tell that the claws are not out, so it must not have been too traumatic for either of the girls. Tomorrow Mom and I go for mammograms and I think it's safe to assume that we will feel like Ginger does!

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kelly said...

I like the "green" shopping bag, very "earth" friendly. Get it? Green, the globe..nevermind. My sons tell me that cats like it when you stuff their heads in tube socks...