August 8, 2007


My Sockapalooza socks are here! I heard the mailman this morning and just knew today was the day! It's been a real scorcher and I dreaded the trek down to the mailbox, but it was worth every hot step down there and back. Beth M. has really outdone herself. They are such a pretty color - which she dyed herself. Way cool! She sent me some goodies too - a little photo album to use as a brag book for my knitting, a 'K' shaped post-it pad - and I used post-its to mark everything, and some beautiful stitch markers which she made herself. I am very impressed! I wasn't sure I wanted to try on 100% wool socks this morning, but L talked me into it and I'm glad he did. "Mom, you have to try them out!" Does the boy get me or what?!?!?!
Beth and I have been e-mailing back and forth since the beginning of the swap, but today was the big name unveiling. I've been looking over her blog and we have soooo much in common. It's kind of creepy! I have thoroughly enjoyed this whole experience and Beth made it the best.

Oh! I forgot - and how could I do that????? She made me a cool post card. I wish I had thought to do that for my pal.
The stitch markers are made out of sodalite, citrine, and abalone. Aren't they pretty? I can always use stitch markers!

Here's a close up of the postcard and markers.

Here's some of my own knitting. R has informed me that we need to plant some grass so my pictures will turn out better...not because we need to plant grass, but so my pictures will turn out better! I am almost finished with the second sock and I am ready! I'm looking for another project for Friday. Mom, poor Mom, has to go for a colonoscopy (sorry Mom - no secrets here!) on Friday and I'm taking her. I figure I need to decide what I should be knitting now so I'll have everything I need while I'm at the office with her.


Today is my father-in-law's birthday. Well, maybe...we're not really sure. It could have been yesterday. See, the doctor was drunk when he delivered Popo. He wrote the wrong date and even wrote his name wrong on his birth certificate - middle name first, first name middle. So, no telling who he is or when he was born, but we'll just say Happy Birthday today and leave it at that!


Beth said...

I'm so glad you like them. I had a lot of fun!

Your Mom said...

Guess you've had a fun day...your new socks came! I love that pattern and the color must be just right for you.
Beth has very good taste in Football..."The Colts Rock!" Last year was so exciting, hopefully it'll be another great year ahead. Peyton stayed strong and healthy! He's next to the best, after Johnny U.!
I luv, luv, luv the new socks you are making! At first, the pattern seemed so thick, but I'm wondering now, "who will they fit?" Have you noticed they're as big as the tree behind goodness girl!
It must have been like Christmas when the mailman came. :-)
Well, I must quit and go mix the liquid stuff I have to drink before I go for "my procedure!!"
I'm drowning already!
I love you, the Muth