July 31, 2007

Harry Potter, Finally!

This weekend was a whirlwind around here! Saturday was spent doing yard work, grocery shopping, washing the car, doing as little laundry as I could get away with and finishing this cake.

R had another cake order for a reunion. It started out as a family tree and then slowly turned into this cute cake. The recipients were pleased with it - which makes us happy. R was happy because she now has spending money. That makes me happy because she's not asking me to spend money on her! Isn't that nice how it all works out? I thought so too.

Yesterday we hit JoAnn Fabrics because their corduroy was on sale. I don't know many people who buy corduroy in late July, and that is probably why it was 1/2 price, but R had it in her head she needed some. Since she had the aforementioned money, I was more than eager to take her. She got several pretty colors and some flannel too. Hey, if you're buying corduroy in the middle of summer, you may as top it all off with a couple of yards of flannel, right? She wants to make a bag and also some skirts. Mom, be on standby. You know I don't know anything about sewing with corduroy! L and I wandered the store and found some yellow cotton yarn for a dishcloth I've been wanting to make. I just finished a dishcloth that is hot pink with a flamingo knitted into it, but I can't get a good picture of it - at all! Use your imagination and imagine it as the most beautiful flamingo dishcloth you've ever seen. It's not, but you can do this favor for me - okay? Okay!
I've also been working on another Monkey sock. I don't know how I like it, but I'm going to keep on knitting. It's strange the way the colors are coming out. I wish I could blame it on some idiot who didn't know thing one about dyeing yarn. I guess I can! I'm that idiot! And, no, I don't really know thing one about dyeing yarn. I do like yellow and pink together and this was a Kool-Aid dyeing experiment.
Maybe they'll turn out alright. Time will tell. They are unique. Yeah, that what I'm calling them...unique monkeys.

We went to see Harry Potter this weekend. What a good movie. I really prefer the book, but I was satisfied with the movie. We waited until this weekend because we thought the crowds would have died down. Nope. We rushed across town to the new theater with five minutes to spare only to find out it was sold out. Back in the car, driving in a storm to get to the other theater, which is much closer to our house. We had thirty minutes to spare and thought we'd have the pick of seats. Thought wrong! We had to sit about the 8th row back. People were still filing in long after we were seated until the theater was full. It was fun to watch with such an involved group. Lots of laughing, clapping and talking to the screen from time to time took place. We did see some little children there. I'm not so sure I would have taken a little child. I could only imagine the nightmares I would have had at that age after seeing the movie. Very good movie and worth all the running around we had to do to see it!

Now it's off to find some goodies to send to my Sockapalooza pal. Maybe a trip to Old Salem is called for.


Anonymous said...

The cake is B-U-T-ful! I know it tasted good, they always do. Good goin' Bec...and, the help!
The socks are unusual and pretty and the yarn is interesting...just luvly! I love that you guys dyed them... with Kool-Aid. Cheap, or inventive! I'm wondering if they came out the same color as Luke's mustaches used to be???
Will we be having a "Harry Potter Cake" in the future? I suppose you could just make some eyeglasses and add Harry's handsome face behind them. He's a cutie!
I guess you youngsters would say,
"He's a Hottie!" huh?
You know...if that had been me, driving all over town to see the movie...I would have just headed right back home and forgotten about it. But, knowing that you'all just HAD to see how things looked...in person...as compared to the text, I guess I would have climbed all over the the front row seats too, to be there. Please tell me that you guys didn't talk to the screen too! OH ME,I've raised a bunch of "Potheads!"
Uh, I mean, "Potterheads!!!"
Who knew???

Juli said...

That sock is totally freaking GORGEOUS!!!! WOW!