June 9, 2007

Argosy and Ginger and Big Red

I finally finished my Argosy scarf (from Knitty.com) and only had to use three sets of needles! The Crystal Palace Daisies broke - Knit Picky replaced them with a 2nd pair. Second pair broke when I was about 3/4 finished. Knit Picky offered to replace them, again, or give me store credit. Store credit - by all means. (By the way, Crystal Palace answered my e-mail about the needles and offered to replace them. I really appreciated it but declined since Knit Picky came through for me.) Out came my too long metal needles and I finished the scarf. Since I didn't have a chance to go outside and take pictures, I decided to take them on the back of the loveseat. All was going well.

See, my picture session was just getting started.

Somebody got a little curious...

This exact 'somebody' who is a touch me not decided that I must be doing something interesting.

'Somebody' won out and the Argosy will have it's own photo session at a later date. How could I resist taking pictures of Ginger when she's so desperate for attention - something that rarely happens?

What happens when a full glass of ice tea spills onto your keyboard? You get a new keyboard! It's a little hard to navigate around this new one, so if there are any boo-boos, that's why.

Today we said good-bye to Big Red. We have loved our Ford Expedition - almost to death - and it was time to replace it. We went to find a new family car, with no intention to buy, but that quickly changed when a deal fell into our lap - after some negotiations, of course. When you have a 16 year old who is showing NO signs of slowing down heightwise, an Expedition is the car to have. However, when gas is over $3.00 a gallon, it's time to second think an Expedition! The first time RL came home from the pumps after paying $75 for a tank of gas, and near tears, it was just too much. I hate to see a grown man cry! What did we get? Well, since it's too dark outside to take pictures you'll just have to wait until tomorrow! I'll also have a picture of a sock I nervously knit on while the wheeling and dealing took place!

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kelly said...

please let it be a Pacer, please let it be a Pacer...