June 12, 2007

A Good Day to Dye

We are trying something new this summer - we are trying to wake up before noon and get some fun things done before it gets dark. Today the kids got up at 10:30 and you would have thought I was killing them! They survived and were amazed at how much you can get done in one day! First we headed to Knit Picky so R could pick up some needles that she needs to get a project going. On to the grocery store for some things we needed and some Kool-Aid for dyeing yarn. We must have gotten 40 packets at one store and nobody said a word. When we went to the second grocery store and got 40 more packets of different colors, I don't think they believed us when we told them what we were using it for!R chose lemon-lime with a little blueberry for splotches. The splotches didn't turn out, but it made the green a prettier color. We can't decide if her hands look like she's turning into the Hulk or that she strangled Gumby!
This is a pretty accurate picture of her yarn color. It's a whole lot of green! She also dyed some in various shades of reds and purples. I told her she better keep an eye on this color! I might just steal it from her. The picture doesn't do it any justice at all!

Here's one of her artsy pictures. It's the yarn I dyed with pink and yellow lemonades. I don't know why I like those colors together, but I do.

Argosy finally got it's chance to have a photo session without Ginger nosing in. It's such a nice scarf and I'm really glad I made it. I would definitely make this pattern again.


Ann Marie said...

I love the new dyed yarn! And that scarf is gorgeous - what pattern is it?

Anonymous said...

Are you guys EVER going to STOP DYING and get on with blogging again????
The Muth