June 18, 2007

Today is my birthday!

What a fun day, or should I say, what a fun couple of days it has been. We decided to celebrate my birthday on Father's Day since Mom and Daddy would be here for a Father's Day cookout and they wouldn't have to get out two days in a row since the air quality isn't so great and the heat is up there. We had a nice day. RL grilled steaks, Daddy and I stayed in the nice cool house and chatted while Mom and the kids were outside working on something that I was not to know about. They were being so secretive! It's not easy to keep a secret in this house either! Since the kids and I are together 24/7, it's pretty easy to read them. However, they were working extra, extra hard at being sneaky this time! They had us drop this off at Mom and Daddy's on Saturday afternoon and they stayed there until midnight working their little fingers to the bones on my surprise. RL had no idea what they were making. Daddy did, but he wasn't spilling the beans. When did these people decide to keep secrets?!!!! We went ahead and had cake and ice cream and gave the dads their gifts. Daddy liked his movie - we got him 'Fly Boys' - such a great movie. We watched ' Ghost Riders' - strange movie and then I opened my gift from Mom and Daddy. New clothes! Yippee! I never thought I would be so excited about getting clothes! RL asked for navy blue dress socks. Wow - what an exciting gift. Well, he got them and was excited. He also got some other cool stuff, so he was feeling a little spoiled.
This is my surprise! They made me a swift! Isn't that the greatest thing in the world? R sketched it up and looked at all the knitting catalogs we have around the house. Mom took her to the store to get the wood and all the other stuff she needed. Luke helped her saw and sand. So, there's a whole lot of love in this gift. I have been wanting one for sooooooooo long, but I just couldn't justify the cost. I think R said it was about $30 to make. She's still working some of the kinks out, but it works great! I also got a $25 gift card to download any songs I want - whether the kids like them or not, ha ha, some new shirts, and a Michael Bublé cd. My neighbors got me a gift certificate to Michael's, so I'll have to go check out what's going on there. Oh - the kids wanted to take me to the movies so Randy took some time off and we went to see "Surf's Up". What an adorable movie! Then we came home and Randy fixed dinner. I am so spoiled, but I can handle it. Having a great family like this sure does make getting older a little easier. And, unlike the Yarn Harlot, I am painfully aware of my true age!

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Anonymous said...

Oh those kids...what a wonder that Rebecca is...and, her buddy, Luke! Being a sister to a good brother is so great! I have a super big brother, so I know from whence I speak!
You DID have a fun Birthday! Being there with the kids, watching them make and put the puzzle pieces together was wonderful! There is so much talent in this family! All 4 of you are so cool! I'm anxious to see "the thang" work!
I'm glad you had a good day Kristy, you deserved it!
I love you, Mom