June 2, 2007

A day late and a dollar short

With all the sneezing and coughing around here I completely forgot to blog about a very special day. Yesterday, June 1st, was our 10th anniversary of living in NC. We had big plans. We were going to get some Moravian sugar cake, go to Old Salem and then out to dinner to eat NC BBQ. However, nobody felt up to anything more than watching old movies, eating chicken noodle soup and occasionally moving from the couch to the recliner. Seems like that's the way special days have been this year.
We did discover something special this evening though. Right above R's garden is a cardinal's nest. We had been seeing a baby and its Mom and Dad around the feeders lately, but had no idea where they were coming from. I was headed into the house and just happened to look up. No more than two feet above my head sat their little home. We thought it was abandoned until a little later when Dad started getting a little testy and was trying to persuade R that she needed to get away from the nest. Then Mom later came in for a spell. I didn't manage a picture of them, but I still think their home is special enough for a picture!

When R went to turn on the hose she heard a noise and jumped back. She said there's always something alive in the bushes by the hose and she doesn't like it one bit! Then we saw it...a big brown frog. He's kind of hard to make out in the picture, but believe me, he is there and big and ugly! I leave you with a picture of portulaca and a cactus growing in R's garden. It's such a pretty and vibrant flower.
Happy Anniversary to Us!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...10 years in "ol' North Caroliny!" Seems like just yesterday, when you guys moved up here. I was so excited, knowing we'd be right behind you in a few short months. Well, those few short months turned out to be a lifetime, almost!
Congratulations Schweety!
I hope I get to see (and hear) the Cardinal Family, before they move off, to who knows where! I think I saw a new "Bird Family" here, as well...they were out back, near the birdfeeders. Cardinals too!
Guess it's that time of year, huh?
Hope you guys are doing "mucho bettero!"
I love you, MOM