June 23, 2007

If I'd known turning 43 would have been this rough...

Man, since my birthday I have been kicked hard with something. Sounds vague, doesn't it? Well, it is vague because I have no idea what has got ahold of me! I've been sick since the 19th and I am beyond ready for it to be over. NO - I am not pregnant. Long story short - I have had a terrible time with my nerves for years, but since late last year, it's gotten a whole lot worse. I've been to the doctor, who is wonderful to me when I am sitting there having a meltdown in his office, and he seems to think it's a bad case of nerves. Maybe the change is in sight? Whatever - I am soooooo ready to feel better! I even missed Knit Picky's birthday today - that has to tell you how bad I feel. I missed a yarn sale. Unheard of, right? (Happy Birthday guys! I hope you had fun!) Tonight I actually feel like sitting here and writing something, so I'm taking advantage of feeling better - for the moment - and blogging.

Remember all the wacky pictures of RL and me in the backyard wrapping yarn into a big old skein, taking that big old skein and dying it and then rolling it back into a ball? Well, I finally have felt like knitting to see if I was successful with the self striping part of it. Guess what? It worked! I love how it's turning out. I got the dyes at Knit Picky and the yarn is from Knit Picks.

The little doily/linen is from my friend for my birthday. (Thanks Joni!) I thought it was a nice backdrop since it shares most of the same colors as the yarn.

I finished a pair of socks, yes, for Mom, this week too. You have to wait, Mom! They are for a special occasion. Besides, it's too hot to wear wool right now.

The yarn was a real bargain from Elann.com. I think it was $20.00 for a bag of ten skeins. Sure beats paying $20.00 for one skein of yarn, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and pay $20.00, or more for a skein, don't you? Of course, the sock blockers are my wonderful blockers from TheLoopyEwe.com. WONDERFUL place if you haven't checked it out yet. Well worth checking out and well worth ordering from. I know, I know, I say that every time I mention them, but it is true!

Hopefully I'll have more to show for soon. Here's hoping next week is much, much better!

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