June 16, 2007

What really happens when we leave the house

This afternoon RL and I had been grocery shopping. We were carrying in the groceries when I happened to look up. There, on the loveseat, in my knitting spot, was Ginger. The remote was next to her butt, just like when I sit there. She was sitting there like she had been waiting all day for me to leave so she could have 'the good spot.' The light is pretty good. the view of the television is the best. All the knitting necessities are on the little table right next to the loveseat. It doesn't get any better. Does she even have her legs crossed? Geez!
Now, on to knitting stuff. Have you ever heard of a 'blank'? I think that's what they're called, but I could be wrong. Anywho, from what I can gather, it's yarn that is knit just like a sock, but without the heel and toe. It's just knit until it's the length you want or the yarn is all knit up. I've seen them on the internet, but don't really know where you can buy one. This way you can see what the dyeing will look like on a somewhat finished project. Well, R has a Barbie knitting machine and decided to make one. She took some yarn that she ordered from Knit Picks to dye and knit the entire skein with the knitting machine. When she was finished, she folded it so she could dye it in bands of green. I believe she used two different shades of green.
Here it is folded accordian style with dark green at the bottom and a lighter green at the top.

This is the same 'blank' unfolded.

Now it's been refolded so she can add the third color. I like this picture. It looks like fresh broccoli stalks to me - rubber bands and all!

The last color has been added and it's hanging to dry. It looks a little like it's felted a little, but I think she can still ravel it.

I'm anxious to see what all this is going to look like when she's finished. She started ravelling it to wind it into a ball, but it was still wet. Although we haven't had any rain - until this afternoon - it's been humid and hasn't dried like it should.

And there are other pictures around that I'm not sure I want to post yet. Man, have you ever taken a picture of something in your house and then thought, "Gee, my house is filthy! I am NOT posting pictures on the off chance that somebody will see that spot of mildew or dust or that stain or whatever." So, I will just tell you about the rest of our dyeing adventures instead of show you pictures - until I get the courage or get to where I don't give a crap about the background!

I think our neighbors are moving because of us. Mom said we are 'eccentric' and I think she's right. Shoot, I KNOW she's right. I wanted to dye some yarn with a striping pattern, but didn't have a 20 foot space to wrap the skein. RL and I went outside and moved one of the horseshoe pegs so it was 20 feet from the other peg. RL held the yarn onto the peg until I got it going. Man, I must have walked a mile. You are being forewarned, the yard looks like crap, but I'll show us in action:

Here I am kneeling and tying off the sections for the stripes. RL is standing over me and helping when I need it. L is sitting on a stool looking about as interested in what we are doing as he possibly can. Maybe that's why he's reading!

After it was dyed, it needed to be wound into a ball. I was going to use the horseshoe pegs to hold it while I walked in circles around them winding the yarn. However, hot water does wonders to yarn and it had a shrinking problem! RL agreed to hold one end for me while I put the other end on our neighbor's fence post. Little did I know, he decided NOT to hold it with his hands, but looped it over his neck. I'm telling you - this is why our neighbors are moving! We do weird things with yarn! Taking pictures of socks in trees...wrapping yarn around horseshoe pegs...looping yarn around your husband's neck. I'd move too! As soon as I have a swatch of it knit up, I'll post it. I promise I'll take the picture in a clean part of my house...as soon as I can find one!

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