June 6, 2007

Little Michigan Peanut

This is Nicholas modeling his beautiful Michigan hat. His Dad said he was a little cranky and not really up to a modeling session, but I think he looks just fine. He looks like a little peanut in a hat that will not fit him for at least another winter! I thought it was best that he have a hat he could grow into. He's a cutie.
I finished the Argosy scarf. It's not blocked yet, so there's no picture to show. I meant to get some foam core boards so I could block it, but left the store this afternoon with just about everything else but that. I even asked L to remind me - but I forgot to remind him to remind me again. Maybe tomorrow. I want to start some socks, but I've got an order coming from Knit Picks with the needles I need, so I have to be patient. Wish me luck on that whole patience thing!
By the way, Knit Picky did give me a store credit for those lousy Daisy needles. I really appreciated that. They are nice needles and easy on the hands, but if you knit a lot and want needles to last through at least one project, don't get a pair of them in size 5!

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