November 4, 2008

We Voted!!!!

After seeing never ending lines at the early voting places, we decided to wait until election day. RL came home from work mid morning so we could all go together. One person was ahead of us - one! I didn't even get to knit on the sock I took with me because I just knew we would be there all day. I'm not complaining though! That sock could afford to sit and wait while I voted.
I took a few new voters with me:
R voted for the first time!
L voted for the first time! I voted - not for the first time, but I voted! (RL left before we were able to get his 'I Voted' picture.)

I was very proud of the kids. They were very informed voters. We have talked about this election from every angle and they were told to vote their beliefs. I was so proud that they even wanted to vote. I told the lady who took our ballots that I wished I had brought the camera for their baby books! I was definitely a proud Mom!

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AllyJo said...

North Carolina is so close. I took my camera yesterday, but our kids didn't go with us for the first time ever. They stayed home. My daughter can vote in the next election. She was so sad yesterday when she couldn't vote.