November 25, 2008

Ginger's Wild Ride

Yes, Ginger? You have your paw raised. Do you have a question?
Yes, you do have to go to the vet today. Why?
Because of that nasty sore above your eye that you keep picking.

What an adventure we had today with Miss Ginger. Man, oh man! This is a cat that squeals the minute she sees the carrier until she is officially out of it. Since it was time to have a yearly checkup as well as get that nasty sore looked at, we loaded up the car and headed to the Animal Ark. What a thrill! R pushed her into the carrier as nicely as she could and off we went. If she had been on top of the car we could have sped through town because people would have thought we were the police! Yes, it's that bad!

They used to have a CAUTION written on her folder. However, the vet's assistant came in without any fear whatsoever on her face or without the leather gloves that they wore the last time. She sprayed the room with feline pheromones. P-U! Ginger didn't mind. She totally mellowed out and laid down in a basket of bags of treats! The vet came in and seemed to understand her completely. He is absolutely wonderful with animals!

She's in great health except for allergies. A cat with allergies. Get this - she may be allergic to wool! That is not something you tell to a family that insulates their house with wool yarn! The vet gave her a cortisone shot and we have to apply Neosporin to her wound. Aside from a little limp from the shot site being sore, she's doing great. Wish us luck so she doesn't have to go back - I don't think I can handle it!


Laura said...

Don't you LOVE animal ark? Thats where I used to take the pets before moving away. I think I'm pickier about my animals' vet than about my own doctor, but the people there were always so great. And the handsomeness of the vet doesn't hurt!

AllyJo said...

oh poor baby. I love her raised paw.

Thank you dear sister for my lovely socks. I forgot to quickly come in here and speak gratifying words of appreciation. They are wonderful!!!! I love how they keep my feet just right...not too hot and not too cold.

You are wonderful.

Bella Modiste said...

rofl....I once had a cat the was allergic to fleas...haha