November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve and Christmas Crafting

Today is the official baking day around these parts. I know we're not the only family in the U.S. in the kitchen. Special requests have been made and groceries have been bought. Now to get down to the business at hand. R requested an apple cake from Mom. RL always loves pumpkin pie. I want a chocolate chip pie. R wants to make a lemon meringue pie. L just wants it all! Ever since he was a little bitty thing, if someone asked what his favorite food was, he would say, "Thanksgiving Feast!" So I think he will probably be easy to please! Lucky for me, RL is the master Thanksgiving chef. He makes the turkey, dressing (which we all help with), and whatever else needs to be done. A year ago he had to go to Florida to visit with his parents because his Dad was going to have emergency surgery on an aneurysm that snuck up on them. RL plopped the turkey in the oven, left instructions and his cell phone number and hit the road with L. Even with his unexpected trip, he left us taken care of. What a man!
The Christmas frenzy is upon us! A month away...ARGH!!!! The kitchen table is officially the crafting table. That will take a real job to get it presentable for tomorrow! Here are a few crafts almost ready to be wrapped:

I thought the baby next door needed a little Christmas wrapping - so she is getting this little stocking cap. What a quick and fun knit!

Since the baby's Mom graduated from Appalachian State, I figured baby needs a little team spirit too. As soon as the "A" is sewn on, it's ready to be wrapped too.

As for the rest of it - you'll just have to wait! I still have some finishing touches on some sewing projects and then - maybe - I'll show you!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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