November 17, 2008

Thankful Days

So much to be thankful at this time of year when we are all thinking of Thanksgiving. RL and R made it safely home last night. Whew! L and I sure did miss them and were thrilled they made it back so quickly and safe. They were able to do some things for RLs parents that needed to be done. They also got in some touristy stuff too. They got to see the night time launch of the space shuttle from the river, got to go to a seafood restaurant in Titusville, went to the beach for seashells and sandy feet, ate at our favorite sandwich shop 'Doubles' and then hit a yarn shop in Cocoa Village. Being the wonderful daughter that she is, R got some sock yarn for me.

There are quite a few colors mixed in there that are hard to see. I know this yarn will make some beautiful socks! Unfortunately Christmas knitting takes top priority, so it will have to sit with the rest of the stash and get acquainted with all the other future pairs of socks!
Some Christmas knitting is finished. I made a pair of socks for my FIL. Since he's had cancer treatments he has a tendency to get cold and stay cold! I felt like a new pair of socks were in order to help remedy that situation.

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail from a Ravelry buddy. Six lovely Christmas place mats! I'll have to find a red or green table cloth to really make them pop on the table. R and I also got an extra surprise of fingernail polish in several shades. Our fingers and toes will be lovely through the holidays now. Thanks so much!!!! You made our day!

All of that makes us thankful, however, we have something to be really thankful for. I just found out that our neighbors were involved in a car accident which flipped their car and totalled it. Mom and baby were in the car at the time. Some great people stopped to help them out and they escaped with only a little soreness - no broken bones. Although the expense of a new car is never cause for thankfulness, especially at this time of year - having your family intact is. God was truly looking out for them!

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Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, that new yarn is going to make some VERY pretty socks. Love the socks you made for FIL. It looks like the stitches are a little bigger than standard knit-on-size-2 needles. What kind of yarn do you use? I'd love to find some bigger sock yarn for quick sock knitting gifts.