November 29, 2008

I Just Wanted a Picture....

On Thanksgiving I decided to take a picture of the beautiful lemon meringue pie that R made. I just wanted a simple picture to show what a great job she did. Every single bit of it is from scratch. She used Alton Brown's recipe and followed it exactly.
The pumpkin pie was sitting there in its pumpkin shaped pan, looking so cute. I had to take a picture of it too.

Was that good enough? Oh no! My photographer's assistants decided it had to be artsy fartsy. So, the two of them placed pies like they were pieces of art.

We have a chocolate chip pie on the left, followed by Mom's fabulous apple cake, the pumpkin pie and the lemon meringue.

(Yes, my kitchen/dining area actually has all that crafting garbage in it!)

Okay, maybe their pictures were better than mine. I guess it was nice of them to make all the fuss. All we have to remind us of the pies and cake are the pictures anyway...well, that and the pounds!

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Laura said...

Where did you get that pumpkin pie pan!? I must have one!