October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween everybody!
So much going on around here today. R is having a time of getting her costume finished. We are used to it taking every second up to when she is walking out the door, so it's not a big surprise. L and I have been at her beckon call trying to help wherever we can. She is doing a great job and I hope she will let me share pictures when she is finished.
We've got our spider web in place with our two spiders. We had to move our McCain sign up to the house. It has been abused by the neighborhood children on regular days, so we figured we'd play it safe and move it closer to the house for Halloween. Plus it made a neat spot for a spider!

I wish this picture would show what we can see from this spot on our front deck. Today is Lady Bug Day! They seem to chose a sunny, slightly warmer day in October to try their annual migration into our house for the winter. We can see them swarming toward the house, but the picture didn't capture that.

Here's one before it made it into the house.

I hope the spider doesn't scare them away!

Here's Ls mask I made for him from the 'Son of Stitch 'n Bitch'. The pattern is Lucha Libre. I made so many mistakes, but we won't talk about those! Yes, that is Cindy Styrofoam Head modeling for us. Wednesday night I finished a pair of Christmas socks for my FIL. I was basking in the joy of a finished project when R talks L into talking me into making him this mask. WEDNESDAY NIGHT! He wanted it for FRIDAY NIGHT! Why do they do this to me? Why do I let them do this to me. So, I set to work that night and all day yesterday. Here's the finished product. My count was off a couple of times, but you know what, I didn't care! I was under a deadline! (Halloween socks modeled by the fabulous Miss R - store bought socks too - isn't that embarrassing?)

Here's a ladybug getting in on the action.
Who is this mild mannered person?
Well, it's Lucha Libre!
Ready for battle!
I bet the glasses in the first picture really thew you off, didn't they?

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