December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Daddy's 76th birthday. I have no idea when he is going to start acting his age. I hope never. I love the above picture of his family. If you look real close at the little fella on the right in front of his father, you can tell that his father has a pretty firm grip on his shoulders. That little fella would be my dad! Maybe Pa knew at that time the type of grip he would have to use for the when Daddy got his pilot's license and then bought his first plane and then crashed it. I guess there were times when his grip wasn't as tight because it didn't need to be. Like when he let Daddy go to Nashville on a bus, all by himself, to pick up some photography equipment, when he was 12! Can you imagine letting a 12 year old do that in this day and age? Daddy's always been a bit of a free spirit. There's the story of when he got tired of winter and decided to show up at school in white shoes. That earned him the name "Summer Time Sam". There were lots of fancy cars - don't even ask me about long trips in the back of a 'bubble back' Corvette. It's a wonder my sister and I don't have humps on our backs from that one! There were motorcycles. My sister rode with Daddy and I rode with Mom. I even managed to find a way to fall asleep on the gas tank. Through it all, he's been an excellent provider for our family, an open minded person to talk to, a Christian example and one great Daddy! Thanks Daddy and Happy Birthday!


mom said...

What a wonderful tribute to a really super dude*
I think his Dad should have let him have a little MORE see where the little fella would have drawn the line*
I had some pie left over that Veva had given to me last night...since your Dad*s diabetes prevents him from having any of it...I thought I'd just eat 2 for him and one for me*
Does that sound too selfish... never mind...I don't care*
I love you mucho...Mom

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Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy! It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving -- at least from the dessert end of things LOL.

Love the adorable stripey hats R made. Do you guys have a secret for jogless stripes when there is only a single row of each color? I did fine on my stripey hats when there was more than one row of each color, but the jogs were all goofy when there was only one row!