October 7, 2007

Where's Fall, Ya'll?

I went in search of some fall pictures for today's blog only to come up short - very short! This is about the extent of 'fall' in our yard. However, our neighbors have a wee bit of red showing in some of their trees. Every morning when I talk on the phone - to Mom, to RL and to Kel - I sit on the front porch and see how much the colors have changed. I am noticing it daily, but when I go in search of it for proof for you, I come up extremely short. Oh well, soon enough we will be raking leaves and complaining about our neighbors leaf blowers making so much noise.
Knitting has been going on around here. I bought the yarn, Cleckheaton Country Silk 8 ply from Knit Picky's, to make this beret, Yorkshire Tweed Beret from One-Skein Wonders, last winter. I am trying desperately to use some of my stash instead adding to it. No, I haven't given up buying yarn, I just thought it might be a good idea to actually use what I have. I haven't heard any complaints from RL either! It was fairly easy to make. Due to lack of willing models, though, I had to using Cindy Styrofoam head. She didn't smile much, but waited patiently for the right photo op. What more can you want from a model?!?!?!?
This is more stash knitting. I bought the kit from our local fabric store earlier in the year. It had two skeins of yarn and a crochet hook and it was about 90% off! I tried to crochet it according to the directions, but this funky yarn makes it almost impossible to find the next stitch to insert the crochet hook into! I pulled out the trusty knitting needles and was pleased with the results. Hmmm, looks like I'm in a brown phase. I hope that passes soon.

On to the garden to see if it was completely dead. Nope. I did not expect to see this beautiful flower in October amid the dead tomatoes and squash. Well, I looked for color and I found it - just not reds, yellows and oranges.

Also, we'd like to send our condolences out to our brother-in-law and his family. His mother just died after a long illness. I wasn't around Martha very often, but when I was, she was a very sweet woman. I'm sorry to hear of her passing, but glad to know her suffering is over and she is reunited with her husband.

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Mahma said...

I see you finally bought one of them thar' "Flat-out Orange Trees!" Them oranges don't grow right..."like unto others!"
The beret is very nice-and looks so good on Cindy. I'll be so happy for her when she finally gets married and rids herself of that awful last name..so unbecoming and...downright odd. What were her Mama and Diddy thinkin? Kind'a like "Peeler," dontchathink?
Sweet tribute to Martha, bless her heart. The pretty flower above it is so appropriate.
Hope all is well today.
We're hoping the same here!
Who loves ya' Baby?
Mama do!