October 21, 2007

Those Darn Socks and a Cat

Here are the socks. What more can I say about them. They look better here than I thought they would when they were finished. I was beginning to think they were never going to be finished. This is the yarn that got thinner and thinner until it would finally just break. The first skein broke right under the area where the ball of the foot falls - not a comfortable place. So, with great hopes that skein #2 would be in much better shape, I knit on. Nope - this time it broke in the second most painful spot - the heel. Then it broke again about an inch or two from the heel. That's when I put them down and strongly reconsidered just how important finishing these socks were in my life at the moment. They sat there, in time out, for about thirty minutes. What would I do with them if I didn't finish them? One was completely finished. After fussing, quite loudly to anyone who would listen, I decided to finish them. My family let me fuss and had no input in my decision. I guess they are learning. Anyway, I finished them and I will keep them to wear with clogs until they just fall apart. This is definitely one pair of hand knit socks Mom will not want. Sorry Mom.

When RL and I went to the grocery store yesterday, R and Ginger had a photo shoot. Ginger found some sun and when she finds sun - you can get away with almost anything.

Here's another picture R took while we were out. The sky was truly Carolina blue.


kelly said...

Nice socks. The sky looks good. I forget what sunshine looks like.It used to shine in FLA every day... when we were young...

Anonymous said...

Socks are pretty...lookin' a wee bit like some I have! Mine have red in them tho...I like 'em and believe they're my favorites.
***********************************Bec...WHAT A SUPER PHOTO OF THE "GINGERBREAD GIRL!" Could it be that she's changing her ways, in her old age? You did good girlie! Maybe you can enter that one in the "Fair" next year!
The sky was unbelievable today. Bright and B-U-T-FULL!
The picture of the lane going up to your house is the prettiest "Welcome Home!" Even when we left to go back to Florida, it was pretty through the tears!
I love you, Mom

Thimbleanna said...

Well, those socks might have been a pain, but they're sure pretty! I LOVE your big spiderweb -- very clever!