October 31, 2007


It's finally here! R has been anxious for this day for the longest time - well since last Halloween. She has been working on her costume for a few days now. Although R and L don't trick or treat anymore, they can dress up if they want to. L doesn't always want to, but R always does and probably always will. One year she was the Bride of Frankenstein and the people at the haunted house told her how great she looked as she walked by! Now that's a compliment! This year she has been working on The Phantom of the Grand Ol' Opry. I left her at Mom and Daddy's a few hours ago to finish the sewing. Her sewing abilities have far surpassed mine, so when she gets in a fix we have to pack it up and go over there for guidance. She got in a fix and off I packed her to their house. It's not dark yet, so there's still hope that she'll get this costume finished in time. We have one friend we only visit on Halloween. She gets into it almost as much as R does. She gets special treats for the kids and we catch up on the past year. So, if R gets finished in time to go there, it will be fine.

I leave you with a picture of Ginger, aka Miss Priss, in a warm spot. Lucky cat!

Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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barbara said...

Halloween is here, and so was Bec! She really picked a winner this time, and her shirt was magnifico! She totally amazes me when she does these projects...her imagination is far, FAR bigger than anyone's I've EVER SEEN! The shirt alone was gorgeous, who'da thunk those colors would have been together?!?!? What an imagination that girl has...can't wait to see the photos!
Well, I see "Miss Priss!" staring out the window, from her perch on the bed. It was COLD today and she was at least smart enough to lie in the sun! It was 32 degrees when I got up this morning...yesterday too! I turned the heat on, when your dad got up, but just to 60 degrees! As soon as the sun warmed up a bit, I turned that sucker off!. Oh how I dread those high gas bills! UGH!
I love you guys...from: Yo' Mahma