October 9, 2007

Thought You'd Seen EVERYTHING?????

Yesterday was 'pick up all your stuff from the fair' day. Well, I'm sure it has a much more official sounding name among the fair people than that, but around here that's what we call it. I was just running around looking for everything so I could take pictures of R's ribbons, but they must be in that sacred place she calls a room. You can't pay me to go in that room, so until the ribbons come down from that 'place', you'll just have to picture them in your head. We did have a surprise when we went to pick up her stuff. The lady giving it to us said they had 'discussed' R and her entries and wanted to know why she had entered knitting as a professional, but not in the other categories. For starters, the kid is in her first year of adult competition. Not only is it amazing she entered any of the categories as a professional - in my humble opinion, that is - she is only a professional in one category! She has been paid to knit certain items and she has been paid to teach knitting. She felt that made her a professional. I felt that made her a professional. However, she hasn't been crocheting that long. She's never been paid to crochet anything for anybody. She has never been paid to teach crochet. So, that makes her an amateur, right? Same goes for her sewing. Well, the fair people thought if you are a professional knitter, you have to enter everything as a professional. I don't get that. When the very nice lady said she was only the messenger - we must have looked a little upset by this time - we assured her we would not shoot the messenger. She seemed relieved and then said she understood what we were telling her about R not being a professional in every category and to keep doing it the way we were doing it. Whew! However, an e-mail will be going to the fair before anything is entered next year to see what their definition of 'professional' is.

Oh, I forgot to share something with you before the fair even began. We had gotten Chinese take out because nobody felt like fixing dinner. When you are running everywhere in the county to make sure R has what it takes to make something for the fair, you tend to get a little tired and the last thing you want to do is cook! Anywho, the restaurant always throws in a couple of fortune cookies. The kids each get one and it's totally random who gets which one. Actually, I think it's more like the person who finds them grabs one and throws it to the other person and then grabs one for themselves. So, L grabbed one and threw it to, or should I say at, R. She opened it and this is what her fortune said:

If you can read this fortune, you are better than I am! I couldn't get a good picture of it no matter how I tried. So, I will tell you what it said. "What are you waiting for? Start moving now." Is that appropriate or what? Almost scary!

On to more terrible photography. I made this adorable bat dishcloth just a few days ago. I got the pattern online last year and decided since I was in a dishcloth knitting mood, I would get busy in time for Halloween. Once again, if you can see the design, you are better than me!

Let me give credit where credit is due. I found the pattern at http://www.blackrayne.com/pages/batty.html

None of these things fall under the title's category. Actually, most of them could, including the horrible photography, now that I think about it! What I wanted to show you is this picture of R's (the queen of flip flops) latest pair of flip flops. We found them at Michael's yesterday and she had to have them. Since it is unusually warm right now, I figured, what the heck.

So, aside from all those little freaky things, not much is going on. L is convinced he can teach me to play one of his role playing games. I do have to give the kid credit for giving me so much credit in thinking he can teach this old dog a new trick. Last time we played I gave away all of the information he wasn't supposed to know! He still tries in spite of all that, so you've gotta love him!
On a much cheerier note, Daddy got a clean bill of health at the doctor's office yesterday after a scare and a half! God answered our prayers in a very positive way this time. Congrats Daddy!

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Barbara said...

What a gorgeous day out this morning! The forcasts for the next 5 days is lookin' even better, down into the 40's, for highs!
I am luvin' it!!!
This morning's paper said there will be more drought ahead, during this winter! OH NO...SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!
Now Bec...about this "Fair Flap"...next Fall, be an Adult Amateur! Every morning, when I get up and start my day...I think this will be the day that I go Pro! Of course, as the day goes on...I realize it just ain't so! I'm good at what I do...but, my goodness, just what is it that I do do??? (Well...not that I do do, but what I do!...Do you get my drift? Well, not that I have a drift, or anything, but you "knowwhatimean."
Thank you for your Dad's good wishes. We only hope it will be true after he finishes the Meds the Dr. prescribed for the next 2 weeks. We'll see...
What's the pattern on the latest of Bec's Flip-Flops? I cain't see nuthin' with the lack'a light on the "little(???) critters!"
Y'all have a day now...okay!!!
MaMah loves ya'!