October 19, 2007

Rain and Fall

This morning we awoke to the glorious sound of RAIN! I think it was the first time we have actually had rain this month. It's a gloomy, misty day and it is wonderful. Now, when I've dealt with days like this for weeks on end, I'll be singing a different song. However, since it's such a rarity, we are enjoying it thoroughly. This would be a terrific day to read, knit, sew, watch old movies.....the possibilities are endless!

Look who made her grand appearance....the Halloween Spider! She showed up a few days ago. She brought her little glow in the dark babies with her.
This is only one of the trees in our yard brave enough to change into beautiful fall colors. It's right outside our window by the computer and also R's window. She has a beautiful view of it from the second floor! It makes her room look brighter. That metal monstrosity behind it is our neighbors 70 foot, maybe 90 - can't remember, HAM radio tower. Just try not to see it and enjoy the tree!

RL and I discovered this huge yellow leaf while we were walking out to the mailbox. It doesn't really look big until you compare it to the leaves around it.

This is our view up the drive. See how the trees just drape over the driveway? I love that! When we looked at the house for the first time, it was November and the leaves were gorgeous. I knew then that I wanted this house. After living in it a while - well, we'll just say it's a money pit, but what house isn't?

As for knitting news....I just don't want to talk about it. It's just too painful to share. Oh, what the heck, here goes.... a couple of years ago I bought a bag of sock yarn from a mail order company. I love the company, so I won't say who it is. I decided I needed to start knitting from the old stash and save some money. The yarn wasn't knitting itself and I needed some Christmas gifts out of the way. So, I dug up this yarn that I had gotten at a terrific price - and now I'm figuring out why! I've made a pair out of another color from the bag with no problem. However, this color combo - argh! It has thin places that just rip apart with a little tug. It's not showing signs of a bug picnic - I've seen that, so I know what to look for. Some areas of the yarn are much thicker. It just must have been a batch of seconds. I have had to piece the yarn together on one sock right under the ball of the foot. NOT a good place for that! I started knitting the second sock with great hopes that this skein would be in better shape. No such luck. I've had to fix it in two or three places and I've just past the ball of the foot. Nobody will be receiving these socks as a gift. I'll just suck it up and wear them myself. Oh well, I could use a new pair of warm socks to go with my clogs.

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