October 12, 2007

Geography Can Wait

I was sitting here looking at L's geography book, trying to get motivated to get a lesson together, when it hit me that I could blog instead! Longitude and Latitude can wait a few more minutes while I 'talk' to you.
Last night was L's weekly session of Dungeons and Dragons, so I decided to bake some peanut butter cookies for him to take along. Yes, I tested one, okay, some of them, and they were edible. I don't know what I did wrong, but it only made about two dozen and they were very crumbly. Maybe I shouldn't talk so much while I'm trying to read a recipe! Anyway, I didn't get any complaints as I watched others choke them down! Can't you smell them? I don't even care for peanut butter cookies, but these were pretty good. They needed something like a big fat chocolate kiss in the middle or maybe some chocolate chips or maybe some chocolate drizzled on top of them. However, nobody else around here is the fan of chocolate chip cookies that I am (just who are these people??????), so I just make what is requested and dream of how they could have been better. (Mom always does the little criss-cross design with the fork on top of hers, so when I asked the kids if that's the way they wanted them, they just looked at me like I was stupid - I get that alot, they are teenagers - and said, "Duh!")

Since the colorful display outside my window is getting more and more colorful, I decided it was time to put out Halloween decorations. It also helps that it's in the 60's for a high! Finally! After having 90 degree days though, we are freezing our butts off. What will we do when it really gets cold? I guess we'll just wear every single knitted item we worked on all summer long - at the same time.

Can you make out that little cat underneath the candy corn flag? It's made out of metal and has marble eyes. I don't know if it's supposed to help keep cats out of your yard or if it's a Halloween decoration, but I like it and keep it under my little flag pole all year long. Has it deterred any cats from coming into our yard? No. Does it even catch their attention? No. Has it ever caught anybody's attention? Yes, the kid next door decided to beat it one day. It was all I could do not to beat him! Anyway, when we first bought it, we brought it into the house. We just put it out with our other goodies we had gotten that day. In walks Miss Ginger - scaredy cat #1! She sees that thing and up goes the bushiest tail you've ever seen. Her back arched up and she was spitting like crazy. After we were able to get past her to retrieve the flat, lifeless, metal cat with marble eyes (you stupid cat!) we never brought it in the house again! Ever! We didn't pick her out because we thought she was a genius - well, that goes without saying now, doesn't it?

The spider web is officially out and waiting for the big spider we put on it for Halloween. We have some little glow in the dark spiders on it now, but wait until the big spider comes out for some trick-or-treaters on Halloween! I mean, treats. Yeah, that's what I meant...


Bella Modiste said...

It is finaly Fall weather here as well!! has been since yesterday...HURRAH!!!!!
have fun watching your spider eat the trick or tre---err...treats...
How dare that neighbor kid try to beat your cute metal cat with the marbel eyes! We've had a horrid neighbor kid too...fortunately he was enough of a brat I didnt feel bad being mean back...hahaha...I'm so bad...but he was horrid, always getting his older brother in trouble for things he did...lying, and acting like he was gonna throw rocks at our windows ...whew...thank goodness he moved...and his brother is living with his dad, and away from the brat...
~The Bella Modiste~

kelly said...

I like your spider web, how do you make it? Do you remember the spider made out of a bale of hay?

Barbara said...

Fall is here...YIPPEE! Won't be long 'till the goblins knock on the door and say, "Gimme my treat, or you'll be tricked!" Do you still have them coming around? Oh yeah, the little "monsters" next door come now. "GIVE ME A TREAT, OR I'LL BEAT YOU UP!" The little jerks!
The cookies looked good, but ya' know...what would have dressed them up...C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E!
If we weren't meant to have it, the good Lord would not have made it!...Or, made someone who WOULD have made it for him!(yeah that!)
I know what little cat you're talking about, but...for the life of me..."I cain't see the little booger!" Maybe, if I was there, maybe???
Who loves ya'..Momado!