October 27, 2007


Blogger decided to cooperate - so I present to you The Hallowig from knitty.com. Cindy Styrofoamhead willingly posed. Everybody has tried it on and this sucker is warm! Well, not everybody has tried it on - L thinks it's creepy, so he won't touch it. If it wasn't for the beard, RL would look even more stunning in it than he already does. Maybe one day I'll get him to pose for the blog. It's definitely something you won't, or is that can't, forget!


kelly said...

I wish this pattern had been around when Annie went through chemo - it would have caused a chuckle!

barbara said...

Way to go Bean!
It really is quite lovely...like something that would be useful for someone other than myself!
Are you going to wear it to the Christmas Parade? If it snows, you won't have to worry about losing your curl!
Neat'o...love Grandmama