September 16, 2007

Today - We Bake

R got an order for a cake, so she is decorating today. RL helped her come up with the idea, so she was feeling a whole lot better than she was when she went to bed last night. It's hard to be original all the time, I would imagine. So, while she is decorating, I decided to bake some Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes. I found the recipe months ago and RL loves pineapple upside down cake, so I decided to treat him and see if I remember how to bake! Plus, the family who ordered the cake also like them, so I might sneak one or two to them if they turn out.
RL deserves a treat today anyway. He and L are over at Mom and Daddy's replacing toilet guts - for lack of a better term. Their toilets have been running for months and months. They haven't witnessed any sign of it in their water bills all this time. However, proof came in their last one and it was BIG! So, RL and L went over to take care of that. I hope it's a quick fix.
I decided to take a few pictures. Here's where I compose my wonderful little blog. Right now I'm looking at all the bad stuff - like the fire hazard of wires under the desk! Yes, the couch is covered. Ginger has a tendency to scratch everything, so until she realizes this couch is not her personal scratching post, it will remain covered. They say you can't teach an old dog a new trick, but can you teach an old cat? I sure hope so. I'm tired of the cover! The cds will not stay on top of the printer. I'm waiting to build some shelves for those to hang over the printer. Might be a 'next weekend' project - like we need another one!
Here are our 'wonder shelves.' You can see a few of our interests if you look close enough. Of course those baskets on top hold yarn....what else??? Duh! You can't see, but there are little gnomes here and there as well as Noah's arks PT Cruisers and VWs.
Here's a closer image of some of our favorites. Part of RLs VW collection, The knitting books are crammed onto the next shelf and of course we have our Melbourne, Florida 'orange' from US 1 when we lived down there.
I even have some proof of knitting. Can you believe it? If it hadn't been for R and here wonderful knitting sense, this sock would not exist. I handed it off to her too many times to fix my mistakes. I like mindless knitting and this isn't exactly rocket science, but I got distracted and would find myself working on row 2 instead of 3 which is an entirely different stitch pattern all together. I downloaded the pattern from Knitting Daily. I've started on the 2nd one, but it's been a slow process - since getting the living room together was taking priority. Go figure.
Remember the six great stitch markers that my sockapalooza pal Beth made for me? Here's a reminder:

R and I headed to the Gem and Mineral show last week and found some neat stuff to make our own markers. Here's what we found:

Just one more project to add to the agenda! Maybe we can get some earrings made know, in our spare time - between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning!

Well, this post is finished and R's cake is NO WHERE near I'll post some pictures of it when it is finished.


kelly said...

I think you need some more books.

barbara said...

Let's see what the news is from "the country." Yummy cupcakes for one! I ALWAYS think of Mom when I think of Pineapple Upside Down Cake! It was so yummy, as are your cupcakes! :-) Always a very refreshing treat.
Randy did such a great job, replacing the "toilet guts" in both bathrooms...AND without a mess, or a leak! Super Guy lives, and he lives wit'chu! I really, REALLY do miss having a live-in handyman! Oh well, I miss a lot of things he used to do...sometimes life really stinks! (I was going to say something else)... I only hope this is the answer to our $174.00 water bill. UGH!
I like the new desk! Looks like it has a nice roomy top...or, will have when you get the discs up on the shelves. Umm, speaking of the "stuff on the desk," are those DRINKING GLASSES I'm SEEing IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THOSE DISCS AND PAPERS, AND OTHER GOOD THINGS, THAT MIGHT BE RUINED, SHOULD SOMEONE COME ALONG AND SPILL SOMETHING???" WELL, HUH???
"so, i won't!"
The little "Orange Hut" brings back so many good memories. When we moved from Calif. to Melbourne, I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven! Of course, that was in the mid-fifties and a great time to be a young teenager!
Better quit and go watch my movie.
I love you guys,
"The Muth"

Bella Modiste said...

oooh pineapple upside down cake is yummy!!! but you know...I havent had Pineapple upside down cupcakes...I'm guessing they taste the same...just smaller portions? no second servings "because my slice was smaller then everone elses!"huh?:P

Bella Modiste said...

BTW..y'all have more books then we do!! of course we've thinned out big time, and stayed thinned weekly trips to the book store anymore...hahaha