September 24, 2007

More Competition for the Computer

Every morning I get dressed, come into the living room and turn on the computer. While it's 'doing it's thing' to get started, I put my shoes on and pour myself something to drink. Then I sit down and check e-mails and look into all my favorite blogs. I guess I should say that would be my ideal morning. Some mornings I'll get distracted by a phone call or something else. By the time I get back to the computer, I find my chair being warmed by another butt. Normally it's R or L. Well, R is not really competition in the morning because she's not an early riser, but L is. Imagine my surprise this morning when I went to get my shoes, came back into the living room and was greeted by this sight:She's even looking at the screen! Now what kind of site is she going to get into? Is she ordering catnip? Is she putting a hit out on me for taking her to the vet? I shudder to think. However, you can be assured I will be checking the history on the computer tonight!
This weekend was a bust. What big plans we all had. R was going to knock out all her sewing for the fair. L was going to play on the computer and plan his next role playing game. RL and I were going to finish the mouldings in the living room and he was going to finish the little pieces of wood flooring that had to be 'fussy cut'. What did we do? I took R to Mom and Daddy's where she almost finished her skirt. She made a mistake and has to rip out a small portion of it and then do some hand sewing to finish. It looks great and fits her well. After dropping her off, I headed into town and ran a few errands. I even had time to go to the Hallmark store! That's a rare treat - the Hallmark store by myself! I came home to find L glued to the television, which I had been glued to before I had taken R. An 'Ugly Betty' marathon was on and we had never watched the show before. (It's on at the same time as our favorite NBC shows, so there was never a question about what we would watch!) Turns out, Ugly Betty is a pretty good show. We all enjoyed it! R and I talked by phone a couple of times while she was at my Mom and Dad's and she would ask for updates. L gave me updates when I got back from town and even RL was sitting to watch occasionally. NOTHING got done on Saturday! Sunday was going to be different. We were going to work! I dropped R off at Mom and Daddy's again and L and I went into town to run some more errands. I wanted to look for some stuff to send to my nephew who is in the military and also get some other things I had forgotten the day before. We hit a few book stores. You cannot go into town with L without going to at least one book store! We met RL at Home Depot and selected the mouldings we wanted and then went to pick up R. She was not having a productive day. Her throat was killing her and her fabric was not cooperating. We finally talked her into calling it a day and went around to the back of the house to get her sewing machine out of the basement. Guess what we saw? Three wild turkeys in a little field behind their house! So cool! Mom and Daddy live in a little community that is close to town. They have a cluster home in a cul-de-sac. All around them are other litle communities of condos and town houses, so you just don't expect to see wild turkeys in their neighborhood!
It is now officially fall and I have no idea when we will start enjoying all the sights and smells associated with it. The drought has hit us hard this year, so we might not have the spectacular leaves we have had other years. We were spoiled by some cooler temperatures last week and even had the house open for a couple of days. What a treat that was!
Now for some family news. My Uncle Joe, Mom's oldest brother, got married yesterday. After several years of hardships for his family, we have been thrilled he found someone and that he is truly happy. She has the same name as my favorite famous author from the late 1700's to early 1800's and I've been tempted to send my books to her to have them autographed. So what if she spells her last name different - I'll be the only person to have a copy that was autographed in this century!
Time to get the kids moving - R to start sewing and L to hit the school books. Wish me luck!


Barbara said...

Well Miss Scout, you are always so full of little surprises
Oh, how cute she is! She's such a surprising baby here in her old age. Love it!
I keep reading about all of the little jobs that are left for Ran to complete the woodwork. I was wondering if "Fussy Cut" is one of the terms carpenters might use as they do their finish work.
Do you suppose it's anything like a "Hissy Fit?"
Oh please Dear my child's brain from "Ugly Betty!"
Thank you for mentioning Uncle Joe! I'm so happy for him. This has been a sad few years, and it was nice hear "the smile in his voice." I hope he and "Miss Jane Austin" will have a long, loving, happy life together. They both deserve it!
Give Miss Scout a smooch from me!!!
Do you dare? :-)
Love...the Muth

Barbara said...

Well, the Muth screwed up!
She lovingly called her Grandcat, "Scout!"
(She could be called worse!)
But, I know that the schweetie pie is really named,
"Princess Ginger Pie!"
That would be "Ginger" for short!
Luv ya, your Grandmother

Bella Modiste said...

Haha, ahh I remember the days of waiting my turn to get on the computer...those days are long past! And a good thing too, as that was before I email, a blog, and forum membership....haha...
So is Miz Ginger begging to start a blog of her own? haha
how are R's fair projects going? can't wait to see pictures!
~The Bella Modiste~