September 20, 2007

Ginger - The Amazing Howling Kitty

Today was Ginger's annual check-up. I think I would rather go to the gynecologist or get a root canal than take her to the vet. Maybe even go to the gynecologist and go for a root canal on the same day. The minute the carrier comes out, she gets paranoid and scarce. Last time I took her, she howled the entire way there - 10 miles away. She pooped and peed in her carrier. They bring her file out and on the top, in BOLD PRINT, it says CAUTION. Now, what Mom doesn't want to see that on their baby's file? So, the vet and the assistant come in with leather gloves that go up to the top of their shoulders. Are they dealing with falcons or my cat? Ginger acted like a complete idiot! I waited as long as I possibly could before I made the appointment for this year. R insisted I make the appointment as Ginger is really her cat. Is she willing to take her with me? NO! Anywho, I make the appointment and tell them that I don't want to be in the room with the animal and I don't even really want to be in the same office, shoot - the same town! They assured me I could drop her off by 9:00 and pick her up by 6:00. So, I get her in the carrier with some very unwilling help from R. Ginger starts howling immediately! Down the driveway we go - howling. On the interstate - howling. Onto the main road - howling. Turn left and towards the Vet - howling. Into the office - howling. I didn't even tell her good-bye because by that time, we were not on speaking terms! RL was supposed to pick her up on his way home from work. He drives a pick-up truck and absolutely NO love is lost between the two of them. Not knowing if he would strap the cat onto the top of his car like Eddie Murphy did with the guinea pig in Doctor Doolittle, I opted to pick her up when they called to let me know they had all survived the visit. L decided to go with me. If he could drive - I would have sent him by himself! She had a good checkup except they want to clean her teeth - $200 something. They also want to do blood work - $130. Holy Cow! I told them we would hold off for now. So, she is in the carrier and we are on our way home. Let the howling begin! Luckily it wasn't quite as bad. Unfortunately, she peed and P-U! Now she is upstairs sleeping off her immunizations. Her carrier has been cleaned. And we are good for another year. Thank goodness! Now I hope L doesn't act the same way when I take him to have his wisdom teeth checked! I'm pretty sure that R has CAUTION written on a doctor's chart some where!
The sock is coming along nicely. R has only had to rip it back for me a couple of times. I have got to quit watching television when it's time to move the row marker on the chart! I will be thrilled when these socks are finished. Then again, I always feel that way when I'm half way through the second sock. Good old second sock syndrome.
R is sewing away on a skirt for the fair. Unfortunately she cut the pattern out months ago and then promptly lost the pattern! We have some pieces, but no directions. So, between running Ginger back and forth to the vet, I got to go to JoAnn's and buy a new pattern. Ah - a mother's work is never done.
I realize I have whined in this post - and I do apologize for that. However, when you have a day that merits whining, you whine my whine!


Bella Modiste said...

Too funny..sounds like one WILD cat you guys have...haha...
Don't mess with the cat!...
you could post a "Beware of Cat" sign...haha....
Good luck R on the fair entries!
Can't wait to see pictures of your entries and prizes :P
~The Bella Modiste~

kelly said...
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kelly said...

I think Ginger is giving you a dirty look! Can you blame her??? The vet has a nasty tendency to stick hard pokey things into terribly undignified places, I'll take the root canal, thank you.

Barbara said...

Ahhhhh, look at that face!:-)
Now, is that the face of an irate tiger? No...that's the face we saw on her, the day we went to adopt her...isn't it Bec? The little darling! She needs to be taken for a leasurely drive now and then, to kind'a get her used to traveling in the Covered Wagon! The poor, poor dear!
So, how are the projects for the Fair coming along? Is she at the frenzied state yet? How's the bedroom looking these days? said the same as usual, where was my head? Well...I heard that! Some things NEVER, EVER change...and the County Fair time is on of those thingies, huh?
It's been a weird day today...we need that rain that was supposed to pour down on us...what happened? Well 'duh...nothing happened!
I think we should do a Rain Dance or some such ritualistic romping through the hard, dry dirt! I guess if we did it in the nude, we might get it! Well, the only thing I'd get is a sitation for disturbing the neighbors' view!
Luv ya, yo' mahma