September 14, 2007


Did you sing the title? If you didn't, go back and sing it. That's the way it was written and that's the way it should be handled. We haven't had rain in so long..... 'how long has it been?''s been so long that we've had our car for at least three car payments (don't you love the way I keep track of things????) and I am still having trouble figuring out the windshield wipers because I haven't had to use them very often! There's a burning ban and a yard watering ban - so that should tell you how long it's been since we've had rain. I woke up to kiss RL good-bye this morning and thought I heard something, but knew it couldn't be that foreign substance that falls from the sky. I woke up again at 8:00 with a pounding headache and heard the rain. Shoot! The headache was probably caused by the rain - my body was in shock! It's been raining off and on all day with some rumbles of thunder. I love thunder! (Must be left over from my Florida days when we had daily thunder storms.) We even had a tornado warning or two thrown in there too. I made sure the kids were dressed so we could head out to Mom and Daddy's basement if we had to. R does not get dressed early, so that was a big deal for her. Luckily we were spared from any tornadic activity. I used Ginger has my tornado gauge. She stayed in her little cubby and didn't act like today was any different, so I figured we were all safe.

Here's our super dobbler kitty keeping watch for us. Notice all the books! Yes! We finally have bookshelves in our living room! RL has asked that I find all the books in the house and put them on these shelves so we can free up all the other places we have books stashed. I just couldn't break it to him that these four bookshelves were probably NOT going to be enough to store all the books this family has! R is our resident librarian and has categorized the shelves by reference, home school, knitting, other crafts, fun reads, classics and we even gave L a shelf of his very own for his role playing books. Of course that shelf is the most accessible shelf. It's right behind the center of the couch where he does most of his sitting and planning for his next game. A shelf or two holds cds for the computer and of course we have a shelf holding yarn. We need at least one more of those. Right now I am sitting at my new computer desk, which R put together for me, and I have no fear, whatsoever, that the slide out shelf for the keyboard is going to come crashing to the floor when I least expect it. I will have to take some pictures soon so you can see where we take turns using the computer. I also want to take some more pictures of the whole living room because I'm so proud of it all! We did it as a family and nobody ended up in the hospital. Notice I didn't say hurt or bleeding because that did happen. However, I will not whine, Kelly, I will just let it go.

If you get a chance, go check out a cool blog that R found. It's done by a home schooling girl - Yippee for you, you home schooler you - and it's very interesting. She even has her own Etsy site - very cool! Here's the link - check it out - Bella Modiste.


Bella Modiste said...

Ahh Rain...beautiful glorious rain....gotta love it,,now the only part about rain in Fl, that I dislike...the intense humidity before and after...thats what makes the heat horrible! haha
Thank you for linking to my blog!

Juli said...

I know it has to feel great to have all that work done. Good for you guys! It was so great to see you all the other day. Wish we could have chatted longer :(

Barbara said...

Well...everything looks nice at your house...the bookshelves are great! So neatly put together too. I give you one month...exactly one month!!! Yes sir, "1" month!!!
Well, they might stay there, Bec did a good job with our books in the den downstairs, and they have "stuck!"
I love the picture of "Ginger Pie."
The colors are so bright and rich looking, with her coat and the reds in the sofa, you guys "did good."
How did the cake baking...and decorating go? Can't remember when it's "good to go!" Will we soon see a photo of that too? Yum!
Just looked at the temperature and it's a WONDERFUL 55 degrees out there. The rain was great and now it's cool...what more could we ask for???
THE 'NOLES TO BEAT Colorado!!!
I love you guys, The Muth

kelly said...

yay for rain! YAY for no whining!!!!!!!