September 17, 2007

Here's the cake!

The cake was finished last night around 7:30, but I had two choices. I could post pictures immediately or I could get it delivered. R and I opted to deliver it. The cake was as cute as ever and was well received - so were the cupcakes. They were very good. We won't know how the cake tasted until after the party, so we are waiting to hear. As always, we hope the person the cake was intended for loved it.

There was a 'certain comment' on the last post about the amount of books we have. (You know who you are, Kelly!) I don't know how to tell you, dear blog readers (Kelly), but I have spared you from the gory details of just how many books we do own. I didn't show you the bookshelves in the dining area. I didn't show you the bookshelf in the laundry room - doesn't everybody have a bookshelf in their laundry room? I didn't show you the bookshelves in our bedroom, R's bedroom or L's bedroom - each of them, by the way, have multiple bookshelves. I didn't dare show you the books stowed away in the attic. Oh, Mom and Daddy know the sordid truth and have come to love us in spite of it. Have they accepted it? I don't know, but they love us anyway. So, if you find yourself in need of something to read, Kelly, you now know where you can get a book or a hundred.


kelly said...

no reason to be so ILL....

Bella Modiste said...

WOW Becca! great looking cake!
btw my email is....gourdmaster (at) gmail dot com
~The Bella Modiste~