September 26, 2007

Time to Fly to the Fair

This little red bird is waiting to take flight and head for the fair. R is putting all her finishing touches on everything. To quote the kid, "If it weren't for deadlines, I'd never get anything done." Well, we have a heck of a deadline looming over us and she's not done! It's 4:05 and everything has to be entered by 6:00 p.m. Yes, that is less than two hours and the fairgrounds are about 20 minutes away when we are not dealing with rush hour traffic. Wish us luck! At least this year we are not stopping at the craft store so she can pick up items to 'start' a craft in the car on the way! Oh yes, we have done that. And this year we aren't baking any items, so that is a huge relief as well. Thank heaven for small miracles!

This little crocheted bag was next to impossible to get a good picture of. She did a great job on it and really took her time. She's not a crocheter as her first choice, but she really did a great job on the items she did crochet. This bag is from an Interweave Pieceworks magazine. I think the issue was on re-enacting and this was from the Civil War era.

This is her rug entry. I can't remember if I have shown it before or not, but here it is. She finished it several months ago. It was knit following the directions in the Mason-Dixon knitting book. However, the potholder loops it called for made it a very expensive rug for our budget. R went to the Hanes outlet and bought the longest tube socks she could find. We took turns cutting them into one inch loops with a rotary cutter that soon died afterward. Moment of silence, please. Then she dyed the loops in red and pink RIT dyes. It was a fast knit and she did a great job. I think the whole thing was under $30 as opposed to $200 for the loops the book called for.

I would show you the other entries, but she is still sewing on the skirt and I don't have time to prod her along and have a photo shoot too! As soon as the fair is over, we'll take pictures of the rest and share them with you.

Looks like the little red bird is ready to go, so I guess we better fly! Wish us luck!


Barbara said...

O' little Red Bird fly away home!
I love this little creature, SO cute! Bec, I think the little Civil War bag, is one of the prettiest things you've ever done. I really like it!
The rug was so ingenious! The way you pulled that together was just remarkable!
Were you able to finish the skirt? You know, pull out the mistakes and redo them smoothly enough to satisfy those "persnickity judges?"
You did a great job on it and I just love that different and very pretty.
You little worm...when are you EVER going to get to that deadline, without racing through the Fair Doors?
My gut hurts just thinking about it!
I luv ya'!
The GrandMuth

Bella Modiste said...

I LOVE the little bird, and the bag is adorable!
Best of luck R!
can't wait to find out waht you placed...I find out Friday if I placed in the photo contest here...
~The Bella Modiste~

kelly said...

To quote PJ, "If it wasn't for 'the last minute', I'd never get anything done". He sort of lives by that rule.

I LOVE the bird. It's a sure winner. Good Luck.