August 26, 2008

When In Doubt, Knit A Dishcloth

Now that I am in between knitting socks - which means I have NO idea what pattern I'm going to knit next, but it will probably be socks - I decided to do some useful knitting. I had the yarn in my stash and found this pattern on Thimbleanna's blog. The picture stinks, but we've had much welcomed rain all day and it's very overcast, so it's the best I could do for now. It was a neat pattern to knit and I love the way the stripes turned out.
Tomorrow is L's 18th birthday! I cannot believe he will be that old since I am just a year or two older than that myself. R and I are the same age - 20. That is quite the feat!
Good news from Florida! My FIL finally got into the oncologist yesterday. I guess the waters from Tropical Storm Fay receded enough so the doctor was finally seeing patients again. Anyway, all they saw was scar tissue. From what I gather, that's good because they didn't see cancer. We'll know more after they see the radiologist on the 4th. So far it's great and we are all very happy. They have some damage from the storm, but it's being taken care of, so that's good.
Any ideas for a sock pattern to knit? I welcome any ideas. Thanks!

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Thimbleanna said...

Cute dishcloth! That would make a great Christmas present! I love the monkey socks or the mockery socks (both found via google) they're both fun to knit. (Monkeys are a bit harder to get into the groove with but the results are great!)