August 18, 2008

Instructions, Instructions Everywhere!!!

You just never know where instructions are going to show up, do you? Imagine my surprise when I reached for a banana last night and read these instructions. I've never been instructed by a banana to do anything, so I was mildly surprised. Must have been more than 'mildly surprised' because I didn't eat the banana. Man, everything is bossy these days!
Knitting is still the main event around here. It did take a backseat to the Olympics, but is once again the number one source of entertainment. Wow! What a great week of watching Michael Phelps. He is thoroughly amazing. The kids tease me because I have to watch him. He has such a great relationship with his Mom and sisters. I just love watching them together. After beach volleyball is over, the Olympics are over for me.
We are awaiting news from Florida. First, we are waiting for my FILs test results. We are very anxious to see how he has responded to all the chemo and radiation he's been through. Second, we are waiting for news of the hurricane. Ally Jo's family has the right idea! If it hits, they use the time for family bonding. That's what we did while we lived in Florida and now that we are in NC, we do that when we have ice storms.
We also got news from our former minister that his wife, Terre, is one again battling cancer - this time in her brain. Terre is one of the most amazing women you would ever want to meet and has beaten the cancer odds so many times before. She's a walking, talking miracle. So, if you don't mind, please add her to your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!


Thimbleanna said...

That's a great banana picture. Sending good vibes for FIL and your friend. I work with a woman like that -- she's been battling different kinds of cancers for about 4 years -- it's amazing how she beats each new round thrown at her!

Linda said...

Having just finished a banana I found the pic very You are a lovely person and warm thoughts and good wishes to the persons you care about.