August 13, 2008

Fibery Goodness

I promised fibery goodness and today I deliver.
These are the latest finished socks. Just your basic generic pattern, but pretty and bright. I finished these while the gang was in Gatlinburg. Sorry to flaunt another pair of finished socks in front of you, Ally Jo!
I bought this after getting strict instructions from RL to relax and go to the yarn shop. No problem! I can follow directions like that. I've already started another pair of socks using the zig zag pattern I used a couple of posts ago - thanks to the suggestion from Aredhel. The yarn is Regia Design Line by Kaffe Fassett. I'm not usually a fan of his designs, but I really loved the colors of this yarn.
Second purchase from the yarn store. Online Supersocke 100, hiking - color. No telling what this will become - but I've got some time to decide while I knit the current pair of socks.
This was my souvenir yarn that RL picked out for me. It's a little darker than it looks. The picture below looks a little more accurate. It's Trekking Hand Art in Karibik colorway.Here's Rs new addition to her stash. Too bad it doesn't grow on trees, isn't it? It's Brown Jacob from the Smoky Mountain Spinnery in Gatlinburg.
And last, but certainly not least, another addition to Rs stash. It's also from the Smoky Mountain Spinnery and it's Mahogany Colonial. I'm very anxious to see how it turns out once it's spun.
So, there you have the fibery goodness of the week!


Aredhel said...

Ooooo, pretty socks,and yarn, and roving! All your new stuff is awesome!

Bella Modiste said...

gorgeous! Gotta re-figure out the knitting thing....

Thimbleanna said...

Love the pretty bright colors in those new socks!