August 9, 2008

I Am Spoiled Rotten!!!!

It's true, I am! I am spoiled rotten to the core. I am married to a wonderful man who will do anything for me. I have two great kids who are wonderful company and are compassionate people. I am very well taken care of. I have a nice air conditioned house that is slowly being transformed into what we want as a family home. I have a nice automatic car that is a little older than a year. It's a great car - a/c, auto locks, windows, cd player - you name it. Now, you may be asking yourself, "What has this got to do with anything?" I'm going to tell you. Thursday afternoon my wonderful husband and two great kids piled into our one year old car - with air conditioning - and went to Gatlinburg to see my in-laws. (I don't go because I don't travel well at this time. Long story that I'll save for another day - lucky you!) They were gone all afternoon Thursday, all day Friday and will be home sometime in the next hour or two. I have been here taking care of an unappreciative cat, sleeping alone and driving a standard truck with a broken air conditioner. Each of the kids volunteered to stay for the week leading up to the trip. "No, go! I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself!" Ha! No, make that DOUBLE HA! For starters, I have NEVER been alone IN MY LIFE! Well, occasionally I've been home for a few hours alone, but not very long at all. I moved out of my parents house into RLs after we were married. Whenever he went on a business trip, I stayed with Mom and Daddy.
The first day was weird. I was given strict instructions by RL - take it easy, knit, rent some movies, sit in your pajamas all day, read, finish the socks you started, buy yourself some new yarn, etc. Now that sounds like something I could actually do. They hadn't been gone an hour and I had already brought out the vacuum and vacuumed the rug in the kitchen, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and cleaned both bathrooms! Yes, even that disgusting one upstairs! Yuck! I brought the recycling bin and trash can up from the street, folded laundry, put it away and went to the library. I did ALL that in a few hours. Then I twiddled my thumbs until it was time to fix something for dinner. I did manage to finish my socks. When I reached for the digital camera so I could share them with you, I realized that spoiled rotten me didn't have the camera - it was with my kids!
The next day was a little better. We won't even discuss how dark this house gets at night and how Psycho - which I've never even seen - goes through your mind while you're alone taking a shower! I got up fairly early, for me, and decided to hit the road. L had asked for a book from a used book store in town so that was first on my agenda. They didn't have it. Borders didn't either. Nope, not even Barnes and Noble. How do I know??? I went to all of those places in the unair-conditioned truck with a window that gets stuck when you try to roll it back up! And doors that need to be locked when you're in town but won't lock on the outside without the key. No, I'm not bitter - don't even say that! R had asked for a pattern from JoAnns and since they were on sale, that was possible. I got that and then headed for the yarn store because RL had told me to get some. I must have been a sight by that time. I was sweating so much and had gone through one soft drink that didn't even begin to touch on the thirst of a hot day. I was soaked through and smelled like it too! Yuck! My hair was ALL over the place from being windblown. I bought some yarn. You knew that already, didn't you? They also had a sale - 40% off quite a bit. I had to get some more. It was all worth it. I came home and ate dinner once I had cooled down and food was again appealing. Falling asleep was much easier after watching John Edwards dodge every question asked, reading a couple of chapters of a pretty good book and being exhausted.
Today was a little better. Still hot, but okay. I got some birthday shopping done for L - who will be 18 in a few weeks! NOT POSSIBLE! Mom met me at Babies R Us to look for a gift for 'Little Miss M.' Now, it's been a long, long time since I've shopped for babies, but when did turtlenecks become fashionable for a three month old???? How many three month olds do you know with necks? My babies had several folds, but no necks. We finally settled on an adorable outfit and I need to wrap it and get it over there in time for the baby shower. By the way, I got to babysit her the other day! Oh, she is just adorable! No, I do NOT want a baby. Surprised myself on that one! I came home and convinced myself to mow the backyard which was in desperate need of it and then back into the shower with Psycho visions! I am clean and eager for that family to get back here!
To top it all off - hasn't the news been horrible this week? First the news of Georgia and Russia, then John Edwards - who was surprised? - Bernie Mac passing away and now the people killed and injured in China. Not a good weekend for news!
I promise pictures as soon as the camera gets back. I'll probably have a gazillion pictures of Gatlinburg that R has taken and maybe even a picture of my FIL wearing a Hallowig! We can only hope...

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