August 11, 2008

The Weary Travelers are Home

My family is home and all in their places. I'm so happy they had a nice trip and a careful one too. The kids enjoyed seeing their grandparents and R was in her element with all the historical stuff at Cades Cove. I think L and R thought their grandparents were trying to kill them with all the walking they did! R just came down stairs and said her legs were still killing her. Hmmm, walking, a new concept! Since she was the official photographer of the trip, I thought I would share some of her pictures with you.

Here's really neat picture of a millstone. The kids said they overheard a conversation between a couple. The guy was saying this was what they used before they made the wheel. Somebody came along and explained what it actually was. People say home schooled kids are dumb - well, my kids knew what it was!
R took her Hallowig for Popo to wear. She's been itching to to get it on him since he lost his hair due to chemo. He cuts quite a stunning figure, doesn't he? Note the lovely 'redneck windchimes' to the left. Those were his birthday present from his cousin.

These motorcycles are the reason L now is considering a career in National Park employment! What a way to get from point A to point B and get paid for it!

This makes me so sorry that I complained about the little red truck in my earlier post. Somehow I think A/C was the least of their worries. I don't think they would have gotten too far on that front wheel!

Tomorrow I'll have to share pictures of the beautiful yarn that they brought back for me as well as some of the roving R brought back to spin. And, now that the camera is back, I can also take pictures of my new socks - hot off the needles. Check back tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel!


Thimbleanna said...

Haha! Doesn't Popo look cute? As a taxpayer, I'm happy to see those motorbikes -- saving money on fuel, Yay! I'm glad you got some alone time!

Bella Modiste said...

loove that millstone, the one at the mill they brought in to the Kids Museum(A.K.A. crummy rarely anything new...seen it all a billion times museum) is just this huge stone,nothing fancy like that one! Fab!