August 22, 2008

A Cat, A Napkin and A Bored Kid

What can you do on a boring afternoon with a semi-willing cat, a napkin and a bored kid? The bored kid can make a sailor hat out of a napkin and put it on he semi-willing cat and hope the semi-willing cat will be patient enough for a photo shoot. We really need to get out more...
On another's starting to feel like summer is giving way to fall. I think we might be ready although it hasn't been an extremely hot summer. My second pair of flip flops are about ready to blow out so that's a sure sign that summer should end. Two pairs to blow out in one summer - that's unusual for me. Then again one pair has lasted through two summers, so that's a record of some sort.

No real news from Florida about RLs Dad. Due to the tropical storm, all normal life came to a stand still. All doctor appointments were cancelled for him, so we know as much now as we knew at the time of my last post - NOTHING! Hopefully we will know something by Monday afternoon. We do know that their house sustained some water damage and it looks like new carpet is in the works.

Look what R found in the garden! Isn't it pretty? She thinks it's a Monarch caterpillar. Since the garden is kind of on the way out it's not a real threat if it's something that's going to eat everything in sight!

Did I ever mention our sunflower patch? Probably not, because there isn't much to mention. We dug out a section of the yard and had big dreams. The sunflower seeds were stolen by greedy squirrels and our dreams were dashed. While outside playing croquet, R and L happened to notice that two came up! This is the only one that has flowered so far.
Tom Sawyer is back on the shelf and I can chalk up another classic to my summer reading. I'm starting on a mystery series called Aunt Dimity that Aredhel recommended. I am enjoying it so far - 'so far' means I've read the first chapter!

I've also finished another pair of socks! This pair is the same pattern I used for the pair before last - if you're keeping up. I made the cuff slightly longer and I really like them. Once again, I have Aredhel to thank for recommending using this pattern with this yarn. I'm not a big Kaffe Fassett fan, but this yarn 'spoke to me'. When yarn speaks - you must listen.


Aredhel said...

Those socks are so pretty! You're making me want to cast on for more new pairs, and I don't have any sock needles free. Darn it. I hope you hear about your father-in-law soon, and that it's good news. Hi to everybody!

Barbara said...

Poor "Ginger Pie"...she puts up with so much stuff!!! All in all, I must say, "for a somewhat grouchy cat, she's a pretty good sport!"
What a day this has been! The laundry is done...folded neatly and put away. Dinner dishes are in the dishwasher, ready to be turned on when we head off to bed...which I hope will be soon. I'm tired and grouchy...hoping for a better day tomorrow!
Guess things could be much worse. We could be back in Melbourne, in those flooded waters, with the snakes and other critters crawling around everywhere. I really feel bad for everyone and hope the waters recede and everything will soon be back to normal. Having "been-there-done-that, I know it seems FOREVER before everything gets back to normal! Unfortunatly...times like that "beomme the norm" for a very long time!
Sunflowers are such cool plants! So pretty while blooming, then feeding the little animals...and "ME" if I have the cbance.
"Gus" has been sleeping in my lap for the last 20 minutes, but I just started tapping my barefeet on the floormat, which means he will be darting around trying to nibble on my toes! Those sharp little teeth are no match for Granny, go I think I'll head on to bed.
P.S. "Loved the socks!"
But...and this is a VERY big BUTT,
your last Post had those "Glow in the Dark-like Socks" that I really liked! I'm NOT groveling...just simply stating the facts!
Love from, "The Mahma"

Bella Modiste said...

I do believe what you have there is a Black Swallowtail Caterpillar...

you torture your cat!? how cruel!....that is hilarious though....hehe
sorry your familys home got flooded...Faye is just a Tropical storm right now, and we happen to be in the eye of it at the moment...but all is good...

Thimbleanna said...

Great socks Ms. Bean! Nature girl placed a net over her caterpillar so she could keep an eye on it. I saw one one day but hubby convinced me that it was a tomato worm. I knew I shouldn't have listened to him. I'm so sorry I didn't keep track of him -- I would have loved to watch him change. Sorry about the canceled Dr. appts. And the water! As if they haven't had enought to handle this year!