January 12, 2008

A Trip to Greensboro and a Spinning Cat

R has been nagging me since before Christmas to take her to Greensboro to Yarns, Etc. to check out all their spinning supplies. I wanted to wait until after Christmas to see if she liked her wheel, if she took to it, and if she liked any particular fiber she got for Christmas that she would like to try again. Plus I was putting the trip off as long as I could because I sometimes get panic attacks and I didn't want to get stuck in Greensboro traffic in the fetal position. We tried to go yesterday, but by the time everybody had eaten and was dressed it was too late. Plus the thought of Greensboro Friday evening traffic really is upsetting! So, I decided we would try for it again today. We pulled it off! I did have a wee bit of a panic attack, but I was surrounded by fibery goodness and was able to shake it off. It helped that L went along and walked around the store with me until I was able to feel better. He's a good bud to have around in those times of need! Two of the nicest guys were helping us and just being the nice knitterly people they are. L and his best friend Lee are the only two male knitters I know personally, so it was nice to talk to a couple of guys who knew their stuff and weren't ashamed to share. We got several birthday gifts and I am not going to share them with pictures until after R's birthday. You don't have to wait too long....her birthday is the 16th. She will 20! I cannot believe my baby girl will be 20! We were asked the other day if we were sisters or mother and daughter. I was flattered, but I felt sorry for my her! Nobody wants to look like their graying 43 year old mother when they are 19!

RL is still in Ireland. He'll be back late Thursday night. I'm so anxious to have him home! He didn't have to work today so he was trying to find ways to keep himself busy. I believe he's staying in Newcastle and working in Kilkeel. He said he walked completely around the town near his hotel and it was a little over two miles round trip. He did manage to find a wool shop and said he is bringing home some sock yarn for us! I am so excited! He was hoping it was from Ireland, but no, it was from England. Same difference to me....somebody flew forever and is bringing yarn back to me from another country. I'm just glad it wasn't from the here! Wouldn't that be a hoot to buy yarn in Ireland imported from the US and bring it back!?!?!?!

Since RL is in Ireland the kids and I take on a weirder than usual schedule. They like to sleep downstairs while he's away, so we move a mattress between the couches and everybody sleeps in the living room. That way we can talk all night if we want, or watch late, late movies, or check e-mail at 4:00 a.m. - and yes that has been done by the kids while I am probably snoring and drooling on my pillow! Ginger does not want to be left out. She has a little fleece cube that she sleeps in when she is downstairs. Since we are downstairs, she sleeps downstairs. In the middle of the night we heard this odd noise. L woke me up and said he thought it was Ginger. Sure enough - she was yacking up a hairball. I know, I know - deeeeesgusting! Well, where do you think she yacked it up? Right on the treadle of R's spinning wheel. The next day we caught this picture of her. It's almost like - well, I supplied the fiber. Are you going to teach me to spin or what?

I know, I know...it's disgusting!


Barbara said...

What a hoot!
Loved all the happenings going on as your day continued "to Happen!" I can tell that Ginger is definitely a "Minner cat!"
She pewks, she's in the middle of everything and she tends to give those "what in the world are you starin' at" looks!!!
I'm glad you'all made it to Greensboro, "without incident" if youknowwhatImean!!!
It's too bad you'all couldn't go with Ran, to see the sights, walk the streets of Kilkeel and (most of all) to keep his spirits high! That's a long way from home and just so blamed lonely!!!
I'll never forget when your Dad was in Seattle for 4 months, in the wintertime, even spending Christmas and New Year's out there. Lonely, Lonely, Lonely!
Of course, I don't know why he was there...since "they'd have to kill me," if I found out!
Lots of wonderful memories, but I'm sure glad those days are over!
I wish Randy didn't have to go all over the world, with his job, but he's a good man, and a very reliable asset to his employers!
Well, I hope we have a good day ahead of us...it's dreary out, but you know how I love overcast, dreary days and a good book!
By the way, when I opened the blinds this morning at 7:30..."Yes Kristy, there IS a 7:30 A.M.! "...I saw about 8 deer, down in the woods, heading west! What a sight that was!
It's still a thrill to me, to know that we are able to live here in this place! Wow! :-)
Love, from Yo' Mahma

kelly said...

Ginger is saying, "What are you looking at?!?"

Thimbleanna said...

Too funny! What a fun idea to move the matresses and all sleep together. Hope it's not too hard to adjust back to normal LOL!