January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!!!!

How did you spend your New Years? We watched L finally get to the end of his new Zelda game. He got it for Christmas and was determined to finish it before he moved on to anything else. I don't know how many times RL would give him suggestions or R would take the controls, with permission, of course, and solve some puzzle or something of the sort. I stayed out of it. I watched and cheered, but that is as close as I get to Zelda. It's also as close as anybody probably wants me to get! L finished before midnight, so we watched Dick Clark and welcomed in the New Year with a round of hugs and kisses.

Here's the latest spinning completed by R. I saw it on Spunky Eclectic's website, it was on sale and it shared R's name. I had to buy it! She didn't want to spin it until she figured out how to spin, but I think she's gotten it figured out.

Ginger is officially a bag lady now. L's friend gave him something in a paper bag and the bag fell to the floor. Little Miss Nosey decided it was hers and we were to leave it alone! I guess we normally get plastic bags at the grocery store and we were depriving Ginger of this papery goodness!

Congratulations on your 47th anniversary Mom and Daddy! I hope you enjoy your day!

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