January 17, 2008

Some Celebrations are Put On Hold

The view from our front door.
We got snow last night, actually about 4:00 this morning. How do I know it was 4:00 this morning? Because our brand spanking new 20 year old woke me up to share this! I didn't really mind because I was wanting to know if we were really going to get snow or not. Plus it's neat to see those huge flakes falling in the light from the porch.

The bare plum tree out front looking very cold from this cozy house!

We celebrated R's birthday as best we could without Dad. We made a little Funfetti Cake - Rs favorite since she was a little bitty thing. We went to Chili's and ordered take-out. We watched some of our favorite shows and took calls from Grandparents wishing her well. L was even a gentleman and instead of calling 'Shotgun' all day he let R sit up front.

Good thing I put seed out last night. This little fella looks like he's enjoying it. Sorry about the space saucer looking grill in the corner!

We didn't get as much snow as we could have, but that's okay. I didn't want it to be so bad that RL would be battling black ice on the drive home from the airport this evening.

The back yard. Nope that's not a tent. It's the cover for our clunker of a riding mower!

Then the dreaded phone call came this morning. The snow in Atlanta caused a delay in Dublin. The delay in Dublin means a delay in RLs plans to be home tonight. He is probably somewhere between Dublin and Atlanta right now. However, that's where the plane stops and that's where he will spend the night. If it wasn't for fear of black ice - and being a native Floridian, I have a healthy fear of black ice - I would drive to Atlanta and pick him up. So, a hotel was booked for tonight. A new flight will be scheduled as soon as he can get to the Delta desk. Another night without him. What a total bummer!

The view from my computer desk.

So, the plans for today have been changed. I won't be running around like an idiot putting away the mattresses from the living room. We need them for one more night. I won't be going anywhere because I don't particularly like to drive in anything slick - I believe we covered that above! So, what do we do today? I should bounce on the mattress the 20 year old is sleeping on and shout "Good morning! Come see the snow!!!!!!" But, I'll let her sleep and hopefully she'll return the favor tonight. Maybe we'll read a little. More than likely one of us will be spinning, one of us will be reading role playing books or on the computer, and one of us will be making the best of the situation, thankful RLs not driving in bad conditions late at night, and knitting away.

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Bella Modiste said...

you got snow, we got rain(yesterday)
and today is is so cold and doggone humid....ugh

anyways...sorry that your hubbys flight has been delayed...bummer...