January 16, 2008

Lots to Celebrate!!!!!

Where do we begin? Let's start with R's birthday! My baby girl turned 20 today. It doesn't seem possible that she is 20! How can she be 20 when I'm not much older than that myself - well, mentally, maybe! The above picture is her Lantern Moon birthday cake keychain. Cute, isn't it?
It came from Paradise Fibers. L picked this out for her from Yarns, Etc. in Greensboro. It's Karaoke Top from Southwest Trading Co. It's Tencel and Wool Silk, I think. I thought L did a good job selecting this. Here's everything! The four smaller balls are from Yarns, Etc. and are Merino. The large colorful ball is 10 ounces of Lorna's Laces wool top in bittersweet colorway. The biggest ball of all is from Paradise Fibers and is a pound of Spinner's Blend Columbia/Dorset Blend Ecru. The more you buy, the cheaper it is per ounce! Great deal!
Here's a close up of the Lorna's Laces Bittersweet.
Hmmm, what else are we celebrating? We might have snow tonight! We didn't have much in the way of really cold weather last year, so the prospect of snow excites us! It's supposed to start as snow and then turn into an icy mix. That's not as exciting! That makes for rough driving. And that's where our next celebration comes in! RL is on his way home from Ireland! He's spending the night in Dublin and then will fly out of there in the morning. We cannot wait to see him! I just hope that the weather will not keep his flights from leaving and arriving on time. We have got to see this man! It's been almost two weeks and that is too long. With all the traveling he's been doing since November, we are ready to see his face on a regular basis!
Oh! One more celebration - this is our 100th post! Who would have thought we would have lasted this long????
Happy Birthday R!!!!! We love you!


Anonymous said...

It's gray out, but "Oh my, it's so PRETTY!".
Went out to get the newspaper, early this morning, walking rather gingerly on the icy pathway, and heard a little voice saying, "Are you for believin' this?"
It was Connie, in her PJ's!
I yelled back..."I am lovin' it!"
And, I AM! :*-)
I KNOW that the Lord removed all the obstacles out of the way, so we could finally make our dream come true...and live here in this beautiful area...in our snug little house, overlooking the woods!
I would never have seen the deer last week, if I was still in Florida.
I am definitly a Happy Camper!
What's "Ginger" doing this fine snowy morning?
Probably the same thing "Scout Lily" is doing...all curled up,
in a little ball...cozy and warm!
Hope Ran has a good flight home today, with no problems on the icy roadways tonight. I KNOW he'll be a happy camper, when he PULLS in the driveway...and sees the lights of home!
I love you guys, Mom

rohanknitter said...

Beautiful gifts!
Love that little keychain

Bella Modiste said...

Happy Birthday Rebecca!!!
sorry I didnt comment yesterday..but oh my gosh..i was so tired...worked in the yard..in the rain, in 44 degree weather..stupid? yes...
so anyways, the reward is sitting in the living room, a lovely teal leather couch w/ two recliners built in...