January 9, 2008

Sunshine and the First Project of the Year

The weather has been unseasonably warm lately. Some of us enjoy our little warm spots in the sun. Some of us wish it would get cold and snow. Guess which type Ginger is? Yep - sunny spot kind of girl. We've actually had the heat off and the windows open just a smidge so she can get a whiff of fresh air. It is so refreshing after being in a closed up house. Cooler temps are headed our way, so I guess she'll be looking harder for a warm spot.

I put myself on a 'no knitting vacation' until January 1st. I had so many cool books from Santa and I couldn't decide what to do first. When I am overwhelmed like that I want to start everything. On January 1st, I decided to make some fingerless mitts from 'The Knitter's Book of Yarn' by Clara Parkes. It called for one skein of Noro Kureyon, which I just happened to have in my stash, so off I went. They were a quick knit and didn't turn out as neat looking as the pair in the book, but that's okay. They definitely keep my hands warm - and if it was cold that would make me truly happy!

RL is on a business trip in Ireland. We hear from him everyday and he is trying his best to keep warm. The area he is visiting is not really accustomed to snow, but they are getting it. With the temperatures in Celcius, he's a little lost. He knows how to do the conversion, but when you stumble into your hotel room after being awake for 24 hours and traveling more than half of that, you don't feel like sitting there and figuring out what 19 C means on the heater. He said there're lots of sheep. Man, I wish we were there. R explained that he needed to look for 'wool', not 'yarn' while there. Hopefully he'll have so time to look for some....look and buy!

Well, I don't have anything more to say, so I'll let this picture of Ginger say it for me:


kelly said...

Ginger is my kind of girl. Nice mitts

Thimbleanna said...

Love your new handwarmers -- love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Ginger, sound asleep and enjoying her little spot in the sun. All curled up, lookin' so cozy...bless her heart!
It was cool and wet today...just as it should be on a nice winter day. I love it here...the seasons, our little place and our wonderful neighbors. Being right here on the fringes of the city, away from the hustle and bustle, but not far from the places we need to go. We made a good decision when we bought this wee little house. As Bec said, "It's just right for two old people and a cat!" Amen!
Hope Ran's warm and cozy over there in Ireland. I'd like to have gone there sometime when I was younger...not now. Always thought it would be a neat place to see, and meet some of the people there. When your dad was paralyzed and in therapy at the rehab hospital, one of his therapists was Irish. She and a friend of her's, another therapist, were here in the States for a few years. She was so good at what she did and great with your dad. She "lit up our lives" for the 2 months he was hospitalized!
Enough of that, better close and get to bed.
Love Mom