January 19, 2008

Guess Who Is Home??????

Yesterday morning the weather cooperated and RL finally got home! I was thrilled to death! The kids were excited too and we sat around for a couple of hours listening to the tales of his travels. He brought the above postcard home to me. (Hope it was okay to scan and post!) I had to share the picture. Isn't it beautiful? The man truly knows me since it has a sheep staring at me. He also got one for R with several sheep. Then, I got this:
Isn't it pretty? The fact that he thought to go into a 'wool shop' and buy me some yarn is pretty cool. He brought two skeins of a brownish heather for R of the same brand.
Now L wasn't forgotten in all the souvenirs. Knowing that he probably didn't want yarn, RL brought him back several postcards of castles - which L likes. He also brought back some money - which L really likes! It is amazing to me how low the dollar is to the pound! Kind of sad, actually. We oohed and aahed over the 'pretty money' and tried to figure out how many more skeins of yarn RL could have bought with it. However, we were sadly informed that he couldn't have bought any yarn with it because it was not meant for us!
With all of these great and thoughtful gifts came a weary traveler who is trying to adjust to going to bed five hours later than he is now used to. No matter how weary he is though, I think he is truly happy to be home. I know we are!


Granny said...

Really liked the postcard...as I always love to see sheep...don't want'a smell 'em, but I like their sweet faces!
The yarn is so pretty...the color is beautiful! What are you going to make? Hand delivered too!
I'm with Luke...SHOW ME THE MONEY! I suppose we'll have to see the monetary stuff, in person...huh?
I'm so happy for all of you to be together again. I know you'all missed Randy, a lot...but, bet he was the loneliest of all. That's a long way from home...and too ding dong far to walk!
I've enjoyed our little bit of snowfall...it's so pretty coming down...and, I'm always amazed how quiet it is when it snows.
I didn't notice the new yarn out there on a snow bank! What's with that???
I'm looking forward to ice cream and cake, one of these days.
Guess this is what you might call a "Virutal Party," huh?
Have a day!
Love, Granny

rohanknitter said...

What a great postcard - it's just beautiful!! And yarn from Ireland - how cool!!

ps. thanks for commenting and telling me some of your memories of when your dad worked for Nasa - really interesting! I found the whole place really amazing.