December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy (on the left) and his older brother Shannon
Today is my Dad's 75th birthday. He doesn't act a day older than he ever did. I guess you could say he's 'immature' for his age - in a good way! The above picture was sent to us by some family members. I love this picture! After I saw it for the first time, I finally realized who I looked like in all of my baby pictures. I hope you have a great day Daddy and we love you!

As for everything else around here - well, it's a mess. RL's Dad, Mom and Brother, Tim, are currently in Gainesville waiting for surgery. They had a consultation with a doctor there on Friday. On Monday he has some tests and Tuesday they have an appointment with the anesthesiologist. Wednesday is surgery day. So, RL and L are once again headed for Florida. The surgery should take four to five hours and might require his kidney to be removed to get to the aneurysm. They are hoping that won't happen, but they have been warned it could. We just want him to come out of this okay. He'll be in ICU for three to four days and then in the hospital for a week after that. It's a big 'hurry up and wait' situation.

R finally got the lights on the tree. This year I bought as many lights as she wanted to use. Normally we limit her to 1,000 lights. However, she always says, "Well, Martha Stewart says that you should have this many lights per foot of tree. Martha says this. Martha says that." So, I took her to Target to get four more boxes and she put two more in the buggy. Now our tree has 1,600 lights on it. I was amazed it didn't go up in flames when she plugged it in last night. It really looks pretty and doesn't look like it needs one ornament on it. But, since we have been buying Hallmark ornaments since they first went on sale this year and have a ton of ornaments from day one, we will be putting ornaments on this tree! We told our neighbors last night that since the tree had soooooo many lights on it, is next to four bookshelves full of books, is a real tree, is on wooden floors and is strategically placed under a heating vent, if they saw a flame from that corner of our house to immediately call 911. They said they would do their part. It's so nice to have neighbors that care. Of course they also wanted to borrow about five of our DVDs, so they might have been willing to agree to anything.

So, when the tree is finished I'll post some pictures of all the neat little ornaments that are our favorites and the beautiful tree itself. In the meantime.....Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!

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