December 8, 2007

The Way We Decorate Our Tree

For some reason, unknown to me, this is how the top of our tree has looked for the past two years. After it has been decorated and it's time to put the star on top, we always realize the tree needs to be trimmed at the top. So, we're not rocket scientists, okay?!?!?! Last year I just let the kids leave it that way. Why argue? They liked it, said it looked 'Seussical' and we left it at that. This year when I went to get RL to trim the top they reminded me of last year. So I guess we are destined to have a tree that is too tall, but still insists on a topper.
R and I (mainly R) decided last year that we would knit a stocking for every day before Christmas - kind of like an advent thing. I think she made one, we had one my sister made years ago and I made about six of them before I gave up. This is one I made.
This is the stocking my sister made. We learned how to fold the stars a couple of Christmases ago. We got a kit for them at Old Salem. They are frustrating until you learn the tricks and then you can't stop making them! I believe R made these and dipped them in wax to make them sturdier.
Since we are originally from Florida our tree reflects that. This little ornament is one of my favorites. We got it a couple of years ago from Ron Jon's in Cocoa Beach.
This is a very blurry and bleached out picture of our starfish snowman.This is Santa Starfish.
I just can't explain this. Every year R and L point the camera at the tree and move it as fast as possible while they snap the picture. It's always a challenge to get the most movement, color and to be the first photographer of the year.

Another Florida ornament from a little craft store we frequent when we go back to Melbourne.
So, there you have some of our favorite ornaments and wacky traditions we have!

We had sleet last night! R was Christmas shopping on-line and heard it. I was almost zonked out - I am not the night owl she is - and she thought she heard rain or sleet. She ran to the front door and flung it up - at 2:00 a.m. - and sure enough it was sleeting. L was jealous. He's in Florida with RL and they have been soaking up sun and 80 temps. L loves dreary, wintery days just like his Granny. He'll be home tomorrow night, so hopefully we'll have some big time winter weather to make him happy!


kelly said...

Seussical??!?? I LIKE it!!!

kelly said...

and another thing, I think you could've used more lights...

Knitting_bean said...

What?!?!?! More lights? I agree, but Mom said we had enough and she wouldn't buy another single strand. There's only 1,596 lights on the tree, and still a bare patch on the back. Oh well..... -R

Bella Modiste said...

Wow! love the has a picture of ours up on her is more homemade/country/whatever this year...
The Bella Modiste~