December 27, 2007

Want to see what Santa brought?

Sure you do! L sure did...note the excited kid on the left. Does he look 17? Nope, not to me either. He looks more like five. Christmas morning does that to a person, doesn't it?
See this wonderful little basket of goodies? RL and R went to JoAnns and found the vinyl container and then filled it with wonderful yarn from Knit Picks and one of our LYS. All of it is SOCK yarn. Can you tell I'm excited? And what was in the little green frog in the basket? This adorable stamp that RL found and these beautiful stitch markers that R made. She made them from some beads she bought at the Gem and Mineral show in September.
Here's a better look...I think the mini crochet hook from Patternworks is a hint! R told me it would help me pick up my dropped stitches. Does that mean she doesn't want to pick them up for me anymore? Maybe she just wanted a neat little crochet hook to pick them up with! Yeah, that's it. Below is a better view of some of the sock yarn from the LYS.

Oh how I wanted these needles! Every time a Knit Picks catalog would come I would drool on the needle page. R was paying attention! She's a good elf! I didn't think I was getting them after all the presents were unwrapped. Then she handed me my stocking and they were right on top. Totally made my day. I cannot wait to use them! They do look a little like lethal weapons, don't they?

This was at the bottom of my stocking. Yarn that was spun just for me! She's really getting the hang of this spinning thang!

Here's a different angle....

And I cannot forget these beautiful fingerless mitts that R made for me under the cloak of darkness! What a warm and great surprise.

Now, don't think L didn't do anything because, believe me, he did! He and RL were so busy going back and forth to Florida to wait for my father-in-law's surgery, that he didn't really have a lot of time for Christmas shopping. The self appointed elf took orders from everybody and bought what they requested. So, L got me my favorite movie, "Music and Lyrics." It was his own idea! I'm very pleased with that! Then he had R order "Pontoon" by Garrison Keillor. I had been dropping hints like lead balloons around here about that book and NOBODY picked up on them. Well, somebody did and he made sure that I got it! L told R to order it and she wanted to know why on earth? He told her about all the hints I had been dropping. What a good and observant husband he'll make one day!

That's not all the loot though! You'll have to wait until I take pictures of all the socks I made for Mom. The hat I made for L. The mittens R made for her grandparents. The pincushion R made for me. Whew! Just tune in'll be worth it!


Bella Modiste said...

WOW! Lots of fun goodies! I'll be posting pictures SOON on my blog of al the projects I'e made, and what I got for Christmas....ack...soon I promise...haha


rohanknitter said...

What super yarny gifts! I'll bet you were thrilled!