December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Can you see that Kilroy image of R? L snapped this picture of her hiding behind the couch, but it sums up how we all feel right now. Ready or not, here it comes! You cannot hide! It's finally here...Christmas Eve now and Christmas tomorrow! What could be finished is finished. What couldn't be finished is either in kit form under the tree or comes with a promise of being finished in 2008. Some of those promises will be kept and some will be forgotten, I'm sure. R makes a lot of promises, but then again, she is the creative genius when it comes to the domestic arts and her promises are better than nothing. She did ask what I wanted for Christmas this year and I threw a half knitted hat to her that she started for me two Christmases ago. She didn't jump on it, so maybe next year. L has been sneaky and asking for a ruler. I think he wants to measure a box. He is trying to figure out just what is inside one particular present with his name on it. He's sure he knows what it is. I finally broke down and asked him the other day, after hours and hours of his asking, "Do you really want to know or are you just trying to drive me crazy!?!?!?" Turns out he was going for the crazy part, which is useless because I'm already there!

Here's our droopy tree. I've been trying for days to get a good picture, but this is the best. I opted for the 'no flash' shot. The tree is drooping because R put so many lights on it! When we finally take the tree down, those branches are probably going to spring straight up or sigh with a major sigh of relief!

L took this picture of me hiding behind appropriate fabric for the evening! CAUTION! The extra hand is Rs. She was helping. I think she likes to get her picture taken as much as I do!

Mom and Daddy will be here soon. They have spent the night with us every Christmas Eve since we've lived up here, except for the one we spent with them. We have a nice meal fixed by RL, master chef extraordinaire! He and the kids go for a ride through town to see all the lights and Mom and I have a marathon wrapping session. Daddy is the smartest of the bunch and sits in the recliner to watch television!

So, whatever you are up to tonight and tomorrow, I hope you at least get to talk to one person who loves you, that is if you don't get to see them in person. Be safe in your travels. Remember what Christmas is all about. Last but not least, please pray for our soldiers and loved ones who can't be home for Christmas....that means you - PJ and Sam!

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