December 5, 2007

The Surgery Was a Success!

I heard from my boys in Florida a couple of hours ago and my father-in-laws surgery was a success! Yippee! Thank you to everybody who said a prayer on his behalf. He'll be in ICU for up to three days and then in the hospital for about a week. Turns out the aneurysm was quite large and 'funky' shaped - to quote my husband!

R and I are keeping ourselves busy. Every year she likes to wear a different knitted hat to the Christmas parade. This is last years hat.

Some man who was in the parade stopped and yelled, "Great hat!" I think it took her by surprise. This year she is working on a red and white striped stocking cap. At the rate she is knitting, I think she will be finished in time to wear it.

While RL and L were home this weekend, between trips to Florida, we got some leaf raking finished. Wouldn't you know the wind kicked up after we had most of the yard done?
It doesn't look like much, but there are three big piles of leaves on the edge of the drive. To give you an idea of how big the piles are - L is almost 6 ft. tall and he was buried almost to his waist in the pile closest to the road. Of course the drive needs to be raked too, but since the wind, the whole yard needs to be raked all over again! Oh well, it will keep us busy. Hopefully the burning ban will be lifted soon so we can burn all these leaves. Meanwhile we will have quite an impressive burn pile in the back yard!


winithupoo said...

Good news about the surgery! And doesn't the wind in your leaves make you mad? I think we've been lucky with our leaf piles -- they're now covered with snow so they can't blow anywhere. I hope this doesn't mean the city won't pick them up LOL!

Bella Modiste said...

wow! so great the surgery went well!
lots of leaves...we have pineneedles...haha

~The Bella Modiste~