November 28, 2007

What's the Difference Between Chopped Beef and Pea Soup?

You can chop beef, but you can't pee soup! That's the latest joke around this house. Sad, isn't it? Oh well, the kids have had a lot of fun with it.

Not much has changed since my last post. The boys are still in Florida. RL's Dad is still in the hospital waiting for surgery. R and I are trying to get Christmas together in their absence. Although the guys get the stuff out of the attic and then sit and watch R and I decorate the tree, their absence is truly felt. L has never been into all the Christmas hoopla like R is, but I miss his scrooge-like behavior! Go figure.

As for RL's Dad, Popo to all of us, he has finally received word that he will have to go to Shands in Gainesville for his surgery. All of that has to be arranged by a doctor in their home town and a doctor at Shands. Apparently he has two aneurysms, but they are worried about the one near his kidneys since it's so large. RL is quite confused about what to do since he can't sit and wait when he has work waiting for him here. But when it comes to life or death matters, work can wait. We'll know more tomorrow - or at least that's what I'm told every day.

Meanwhile, R and I are busy getting things decorated. We went into L's room since it's the room that accesses the attic. I won't even go into what his room looks like, but I know that more than one stack of papers and books attacked me on purpose. We got all of the boxes down and then set to work on cutting the bottom off the tree we had bought before the guys left. The guy at Home Depot with the chain saw made us look like we live in 1807. After trying several sawing techniques, I was ready to gnaw the bottom off that tree! We ventured out to the shed for the tree stand and other decorations. Oh what fun that was. Did you detect any sarcasm in my typing, because it was there. We got the tree in the stand and it leans. We have decided that since there are lights on the majority of it - we ran out and have to get more - that we are going to let it lean. RL says we'll just say it's an Italian tree, I guess the leaning tree of Pisa. Since R doesn't mind, and she's the perfectionist in this family, nobody else minds! Now to buy more lights and then we can start with the ornaments. I would like to have most of the decorating done before the guys get back.

We had one objection to the tree. Ginger did not like it one bit. She is 12 years old and has been dealing with live trees all her life, but for some reason, she did not like this one. She got right up to it and if we got near her, she would hiss at us. I thought, well, one of them was going to spend the holiday outside and after all the trouble with that tree, it was more than likely going to be her! She finally adjusted and is sleeping in her little fleece cube under the tree.

This was Ginger checking out the tree while it was still in the kitchen/dining area. Here tail wasn't quite as fluffy at this point as it was when the tree first came in.

Knitting is going on. R and I are knitting things we can't knit when the guys are here. I hope we can get finished before they get home. No biggie either way.

If you happen to think of it, and I hope you do, please say a prayer that everybody will have a safe trip to Shands, that the surgery will be a big success and that RL and L will have a safe trip home soon. Thanks

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