April 10, 2008

Cakes and Casting On

While I was fretting over what to cast on next, R was fretting over how to decorate a birthday cake. Years ago R met a little girl in Girl Scouts. She has the nicest family and we have slowly become friends. R also taught their youngest daughter how to knit. When they found out R was a cake decorator, they thought they would give her a try. I guess she's their official decorator now, because we get a call every few months for a birthday cake. Sometimes they want a cake for no reason at all which allows R to get as creative as she wants. They normally give her free reign anyway and that lets her imagination go as wild as it can, which is pretty wild sometimes! This year she decided on a pickup truck with flowers in the back of it. I thought it turned out very cute!
Last year's cake had dogwood blooms all over it. Can you tell that this family owns a landscaping business?!?!?!
I decided to cast on the same old same old, generic sock pattern in a Knit Picks colorway from a few years ago. I'm trying to use my stash and not our money!
The house is open today because we are in the 70's. The wonderful temperatures shouldn't last long so I'm enjoying having the house open for the day. Apparently I'm not the only one enjoying it. If this cat got any more relaxed, she'd look boneless!

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Thimbleanna said...

Ok, now that truck with flowers in it is just adorable! What a clever little cake decorator you have!